IW County Land Transfers

Published 5:48 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of August:

Daniel B. Tisdel to Keegan Nathaniel Baker; 26260 Colosse Road, Windsor; $285,000

Linda L. Lassiter to Sharon Y. Goodin, trustee; 212 King James Court, Carrollton; $150,000

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Steven Lockard to Robert L. Haslip; 25 Nelson Maine, Carrollton; $380,000

Elizabeth A. Durr to Melissa R. Allison; 207 Blue Heron Trail, Carrollton; $210,000

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Chad D. Parson; 11428 Lena Rose, Windsor; $341,747

Eric M. Earnshaw to Christopher Scott Twiford; 22317 Lake Forrest, Carrollton; $500,000

Colleen Cohen to Courtney Shay Payne; 22079 Johnson Lane, Carrollton; $221,000

Anthony R. Baity to Kimberly R. Day; 101 Commodore Lane, Smithfield; $450,000

IWC Residential Inc. to Vincent E. Badgett; 224 Manor Drive, Carrollton; $383,413

Rose A. Schuetz, trustee, to Scott J. Capodice; 10640 Smiths Neck Road, Carrollton; $320,000

Justin Hlavin to Jeffrey Arnold Gardner; 16181 Quail Crescent Lane, Carrollton; $495,000

Jeffrey Arnold Gardner to Stacy S. Temple, trustee; lot 34 .621 acres Quail Meadows; $445,000

Ricardo M. Escandon to Toronta Branch-Banks; 105 Monroe Court, Carrollton; $450,000

HHJV LLC to Thomas Arthur Wunder, trustee, 206 Duram St., Smithfield; $323,300

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 216 and 225 ph 8 Benns Grant; $208,760

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 501, 502, 503 and 504 ph 10B1 Benns Grant; $219,600

Mark Reed to Shaila M. Crumpton; 301 Blue Heron Trail, Carrollton; $185,000

Sasser Construction LC to Michael M. Fetsch; 102 Tyler Court, Carrollton; $99,000

Timothy B. Keating to Judith B. Keating, trustee; unit 3 ph 1 Lighthouse Commons; $235,000

Michael A. Byrd to Michael Colon; 22270 Tradewinds, Carrollton; $435,000

Joseph D. Campbell to Megan E. Songer; 11175 Windsor Way, Windsor; $60,000

NVR Inc. to Jessica Chacko; 221 Riley Way, Smithfield; $296,600

Jeffrey A. Ritchie to Kurt D. Weaver; 200 Whitehead Farm Lane, Smithfield; $340,000

HHJV LLC to Ralena Wilson Wicker; 204 Durham St., Smithfield; $275,000

Timothy K. Allen to Sherita Michelle Boothe; 9336 Windsor Blvd., Windsor; $69,500

Michael T. Lawing to Christopher T. Holslin; 3515 Raytee Drive, Chesapeake; $55,000

Steven E. Campbell Jr. to Wayne Corbin Newton; 8087 Peanut Drive, Windsor; $225,000

NVR Inc. to Patrick West; 217 Riley Way, Smithfield; $312,170

Stephanie L. Davis to Jason P.H. Brantley; 12325 Six Ponds Lane, Smithfield; $638,550

Birdsong Builders Inc. to Samuel Rios; 1202 Founders Pointe Trail, Carrollton; $569,800

NVR Inc. to Robert Leon Bolus Jr.; 307 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $398,915

Kevin M. Robinson to Alana Jasmin Payton; 20449 Lankford Lane, Smithfield; $165,000

Jared Stabnau to Wanda T. O’Boyle; 204 Cove Terrace, Carrollton; $245,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 221 and 252 ph 8 Benns Grant; $198,760

Joseph R. Gurganus to Ramon N. Herrera, 5311 Carrsville HIghway, Carrsville; $65,000

Windsor Gymnastics to Redd Storage LLC; 45 W. Windsor Blvd., Windsor; $85,000

Church Square LLC to Church Square Development LLC; lots 15A, 15B, 16A, 16B, 27A, 27B, 28A, 28B, 37A, 37B, 38A, 38B Church Square; $3,070,000

Town of Windsor to Rex W. Alphin; five burial plots; $6,000

Cynthia Marie Downs to Grubstake LLC; 2.87 acres Burwells Bay Road; $120,000

Ruth F. Jones to Shawna G. Grover; 5 Chilton Drive, Carrollton; $419,000

Jason R. Adkins to Jason T. Ambrose; 33153 Harvest Drive, Carrsville; $315,100

Catherine D. Thelen to Timothy G. Smith; 906 Pocahontas Court, Smithfield; $189,000

John T. Gateau to Brandon G. Wilson; 13212 Mill Swamp Road, Smithfield; $440,000

Alan McMillan Robey to Katherine P. Hall; 701 Marsh Elder Trail, Carrollton; $178,000

William E. Hulick to Frank Smith; 20655 Creekside Drive, Smithfield; $450,000

Preston W. Artis to Michael J. McAloon; 13080 Lighthouse Lane, Carrollton; $457,000

Stephen Williamson to John B. Blackburn; 183.76 acres Fermer Perry property; $275,000

Gregory C. Gray to John Merritt; 13118 Shiloh Drive, Windsor; $355,000

Robert M. Amrine to James J. Hassell III; 322 Main St., Smithfield; $260,000

Marshall A. Trudell to Darian Tippins; 602 Founders Pointe Trail, Carrollton; $560,000

NVR Inc. to Robert Byron Pate; 519 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $379,430

Daniels Construction to Spencer Bartlett; 110 South Court St., Windsor; $259,900

Dillon T. Phillips to Gregory C. Gray; 14973 Ashby Way E., Carrollton; $340,000

Almond Contracting to James Rives Webb; lot 19 blk D Riverview; $40,000

Church Square LLC to HHJV LLC; lots 11A and 11B ph 1 Church Square; $90,000

Dean G. Sears to Jeremy Gann; 13439 Harbor Drive, Carrollton; $425,000

Robert L. McArthur to Samuel C. Daniels; 13401 Holly Lane, Carrollton; $450,000

Jessica L. Davenport to James Michael Cysewski; 605 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $239,000

John F. Butrick to Andrew C. Tillman; 208 Red Point Drive, Smithfield; $250,000

Darlene R. Shankle to Derek Vonkuehlman; 5408 Kenmere Lane, Smithfield; $439,000

Terry L. Smith to Richard Brawley; 15015 Tylers Beach, Smithfield; $325,000

Tara R. Johnson to Steven Robert Lockard; 652 Westminster Reach, Smithfield; $500,000

Shawn Curtis N. Rogerson to Jesse D. Coslow; 14184 Bradbys Lane, Smithfield; $500,000

Armistead T. Jones to Jason T. Adkins; 309 Red Point Drive, Smithfield; $360,000

Robert G. Phillips to Francis T. Stubbs; 5487 Oxford Court, Smithfield; $415,227

Brenda L. Watson to Pine Circle LLC; lot 15 and 16 blk H Rushmere Shores; $90,000

Eagle Construction to Aaron C. Bonine; 241 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $599,166

Bobbie L. Batten to Breland Builders Inc.; lot 2 Charlie Jones Property; $48,750

Robert L. Walton to Lynn Marie Black; 23237 Pearl Court, Carrollton; $849,900

Jimmie G. White to Suzanne Z. Dunlevy; 1038 Whippingham Parkway, Carrollton; $344,900

James L. Clark to James Jowdy; 13206 Beacon Hill Way, Carrollton; $462,000

Morris Andrew Bander to Marilyn Virginia Ferguson; 24530 Sugar Hill Road, Carrollton; $465,000

Alan E. Casteen to Patrick B. Wood; 401 Jordan Ave., Smithfield; $350,000

Sasser Construction LC to Kaylynn Levy; lot 319 ph 3B Founders Pointe; $109,500

Gwaltney Properties to Nathaniel Armando Pereira; 106 Lumar Road, Smithfield; $150,000

Justin Harold Hay to Nathan Aaron Colestock; 13247 Beacon Hill Way, Carrollton; $575,000

James T. Edwards to Thomas R. Watkins; 215 acres lot 20 blk A sec 1 Moonefield Estates; $275,000

Curtis P. Sweigart to Douglas Rowell; 94 Kings Point Ave., Smithfield; $489,000

Jamie L. Dik to Justin Jensen; 121 Williamson Park Lane, Smithfield; $300,000

Joseph Gurganus to Custom Builders Express LLC; 328A Old York Highway, Yorktown; $50,000

Alexander Csicseri III to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; lot 29 tr 2 ph 7 Eagle Harbor; $382,000

Christopher P. Daley to Ariana Taylor Guajardo; 21486 Twin Hill Lane, Carrollton; $295,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 257 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,380

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 258 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,380

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 361 and 362 ph 10A2 Benns Grant; $127,800

US Bank National Association to Renae Marie Burg; 2 parcels on Highway 258; $157,500

Kimberly Ann Newman to Sierra Marie Warywoda; 17 Taylor Ave., Windsor; $250,000

Eagle Construction to Albert R. Lambert Jr.; 100 Deerfield, Smithfield; $459,819

Vicky O. Stiltner to Janet K. Swenson; 508 Williamsburg Ave., Smithfield; $420,000

NVR Inc. to Donovan Logan Mabe; 370 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $541,505

Graham D. Bristow to Jonathan E. Duerig; 1701 Magruder Road, Smithfield; $270,000

Almond Contracting to Southeastern Property Management; lot 78 sec 2 James River Shores; $45,000

Timothy G. McHugh to Theresa Lindsey Ange; 13147 Lake Pointe Drive, Carrollton; $450,500

Elsie Kay Stanley to Roy Blake Owney; 10.35 addition boundary Mill Swamp; $12,000

Anchor Contracting Inc. to Mary E. Harris; 213 Middle St., Smithfield; $64,750

John Marshall Green III to Michael A. Bingham; 16338 Field of Dreams, Smithfield; $890,000

Eagle Construction to William C. Powell; 2289 Ayrshire Loop, Smithfield; $433,020

Joseph Bennett to Anthony A. Rodriguez; 227 Manor Drive, Carrollton; $439,900

Mildred D. Saunders to Michael L. Coburn; 10127 Joyners Bridge Road, Carrsville; $89,900

Justin Hoffler to Michael J. McManus Jr.; 803 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $220,000

Malachi J. Morgan to Shakia Chanell Delores Hall; 202 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $239,900

Barbara Ann Alley to Charles Joseph Caton Jr.; 320 Jordan Drive, Smithfield; $300,000

Marie R. Johnson to North Street Investments LLC; lot 23 and 24 Carl Beale Property; $162,500

Marie R. Johnson, trustee, to North Street Investments LLC; lot 23 and 24 Carl Beale Property; $162,500

Steven A. McGrath to Jacob A. Norton; 102 Cannon Drive, Carrollton; $330,000

NVR Inc. to Bennie Andre Jones; 224 Riley Way, Smithfield; $315,220

Equity Trustees LLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society; no description given; $93,352

AB Homes LLC to Scott M. Lull; 13506 Green Crossing Lane, Smithfield; $492,875

NVR Inc. to Katie Teller; 228 Riley Way, Smithfield; $312,570

George T. Horne to Derrick Madden; 17005 Maryland Ave., Windsor; $278,000

NVR Inc. to Linda Amber Hirsch; 160 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield; $296,450

NVR Inc. to Nicole Barbara Smith; 164 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield; $246,925

Jennifer A. Vogel to Nancy A. Perry; 8058 Mill Swamp, Ivor; $330,000

Bamb LLC to Virginia Coastal Properties Inc.; lots A B and D Smithfield Properties; $300,000

Eagle Construction to Robert B. Armstrong; 613 St. Andrews, Smithfield; $455,931

Theron H. Blount to Theron H. Blount Jr.; 9052 Blounts Corner Road, Smithfield; $14,800

NVR Inc. to Erin Olivia Murphy; 362 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $473,290

Joan H. Anderson to Michael Robert Wirtanen; 22293 Charthouse Lane, Carrollton; $400,000

Kevin C. Reed to Brandon Widener; 700 Canteberry Lane, Smithfield; $410,000

Brandon R. Lyons to Jeremiah D. Berryman; 1001 Magruder Road, Smithfield; $230,000

Jonathan L. Paiz to David Michael Siegel; 821 Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield; $410,000

James D. Skinner to Patrick E. Minney; 122 Holloway Drive, Smithfield; $615,00

Alan DiCamillo to Bettie Ann Fry; 810 Marsh Elder Trail, Carrollton; $180,000

NVR Inc. to Lori Black; 168 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield; $291,990

James Montgomery to Nathan D. Miller; 37 Nelson Maine, Carrollton; $355,000

Hampton Roads Holding to Timothy Burnham; 21469 Bailey Drive, Isle of Wight; $494,065

Debra D. Saunders to Brittany Phippins Meis; 504 Williamsburg Ave., Smithfield; $245,000

Ducote Enterprises LLC to Misa Four LLC: 7995 Purvis Lane, Smithfield; $237,500

Randall R. McCrary to Denise M. Holdorf; 233 S. Mason St., Smithfield; $260,000