He backs Collick over incumbent

Published 6:06 pm Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Until recently when the schools did what they were designed for, teaching academics and not social engineering by telling children what and how to think, our current School Board did its job. That all changed when the far-left Democrats took control in Richmond and decided to recommend local schools become places of indoctrination instead of education.

It seems our School Board for the most part has totally embraced these recommendations. We now have a majority leftist School Board, also a superintendent who it seems the School Board thinks it works for instead of the reverse, which is the way it is supposed to function.

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Current Carrsville representative Mrs.Jackie Carr is opposed in the upcoming election for the Carrsville District seat by Mr. John Collick.Both candidates are personally irreproachable. There’s one important difference in their positions on being School Board members: Mr. Collick is a conserative who even if outnumbered by liberals will fight for the conserative values of his constituents and protection of the children from indoctrination. Mrs Carr has shown that she will not.

She voted for (until she was opposed for reelection) every liberal policy that is currently in place. I can find no instance before she was opposed in this election where she actually fought for conserative values. She has extensive teaching experience, but a School Board member is not a teacher. Being a great employee or manager in an organization does not make one a qualified CEO.

The one person who knows the most about the Carrsville District, the School Board and how things currently function in this county is Carrsville District Supervisor Don Rosie. He has endorsed Mr. Collick. I will follow his lead and the facts I have and also endorse Mr. Collick for Carrsville District School Board representative.


Volpe Boykin