Brewer dodges valid questions

Published 5:34 pm Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

The Smithfield Times reserved a portion of last week’s edition to this November’s 64th House of Delegates election. They had a series of important questions they asked both incumbent Emily Brewer and candidate Michael Drewry.

Delegate Brewer refused to answer these questions despite multiple attempts by The Smithfield Times to connect with her. This refusal is indicative of Emily Brewer’s unwillingness to represent all of the citizens of the 64th District. Her blatant disregard to the valid concerns the Times inquired about is nothing short of an admission that she is only willing to represent a portion of her constituents.

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She posted her weak and predictable excuse for lack of participation on Facebook by claiming media bias and unfairness. On the contrary, the questions were centered around why she is running for the position and her views on issues the General Assembly has and will be voting on, including policies that directly affect the 64th District.

By failing to acknowledge this, she is either not taking a stance on the issues or she does not want her stances known by all of her constituents. In the worst case, she is proving she feels entitled to reelection rather than earning it.

It seems Delegate Brewer owes an explanation to the citizens of the 64th District of why she did not participate in the questionnaire. Hopefully, that explanation will be worthy of political discourse rather than the rant against the Fourth Estate she posted on Facebook.


Kiley Machart