Isle of Wight Land Transfers

Published 5:39 pm Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of September:

Battery Park Realty Co. to Sidney R. Johnson III; 20456 Todd Ave., Battery Park; $4,500

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Kenneth M. Richard; 12009 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $379,900

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Deborah Splitstone to Jimmy Rivera; 8594 Kings Landing Lane, Smithfield; $515,000

Charles Crookshanks to Sean C. Bridges; 16284 Cypress Way, Smithfield; $275,000

Joel L. Peele to Trevor Dale Heath; 13610 Jonestown Drive, Ivor; $205,000

Scott Nobles to Mitchell Duane Bryant; 106 Deep Water Way, Carrollton; $392,500

Tyrone L. Campbell to Jennifer Punch; 142 Courtney Lane Carrollton; $525,000

Craig T. Ellis to Karen L. Campbell; 7310 Moonlight Road, Smithfield; $150,000

Jason R. Tucker to Stephen Matthew Lacey; 44 Kendall Haven, Smithfield; $325,000

Conner H. White to Betty Arnot; 1484 Lawrence Drive, Carrsville; $265,000

Judith B. Keating, trustee, to Jennifer A. Vogel; 215 Villa Drive, Smithfield; $320,000

Theresa M. Anderson to Maria Consiglia Moore; 604 Wildwood Circle; $410,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 226 ph 8 Benns Grant; $109,380

Naomi R. Wanner to Michael G. Gould; 302B Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield; $406,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 480-483 ph 10B1 Benns Grant; $220,800

NVR Inc. to Elizabeth Hatlevig; 172 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield; $255,545

NVR Inc. to Erik Birmingham; 528 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $393,370

Justin Krentel to Theresa Rasulalah; lot 3 ph 1A Benns Grant; $446,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Sasser Construction LLC; lot 250 ph 2 sec 2D5 Founders Pointe; $92,500

Barbara L. Bowling to Eureka Homes LLC; lot 3 Howard P Cobb; $215,000

Susan M. Hudson to Lori May Moore; 510 Ginger Loop, Smithfield; $265,000

Larry Eugene Jones to Bradley J. Mason, trustee; 101 The Machrie, Smithfield; $250,000

Mario M. Manfre to William Lucas Barefoot; 13412 High Gate Mews, Carrollton; $257,000

Joseph M. Hoppel Sr. to Sean M. Czuchaj; 6707 Mill Creek Drive, Zuni; $349,000

Mark H. Halbert to Daniel R. Carlisle; 101 Cannon Drive, Carrollton; $299,900

Built Right to Charlotte C. Dillow; 400 Watson Drive, Smithfield; $250,000

Gary E. Brooks to Robert C. Scalise; 11170 Olde Towne Place, Smithfield; $470,000

NVR Inc. to Bradley Dale Heisler; 548 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $546,935

Daniel J. Hampton to Justin Day; 100 Saint Georges, Smithfield; $585,000

Wallace Brown Sr. to Wyche Properties LLC; lots 218-219 Jamestown Annex; $10,000

AB Homes LLC to Jeffrey Russell Rebhun; 11371 Raynor Road, Smithfield; $428,374

Gail S. Hicks to Suzanne P. Spann; 13299 Regent Park Walk, Carrollton; $240,000

Melanie K. Huss to Patrick William Cauger; 7124 Joyners Bridge Road, Carrsville; $389,900

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Ru Lai Zhang; 11436 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $332,915

Vernon D. Chester to Nathan Theodore Benjamin; 16365 Smithfield Heights, Smithfield; $380,000

William K. Rice III to Nicholas Evan Crumpler; 117 Berryman Court, Smithfield; $370,000

Luxurious Landholding to Mark D. Martin; 100 Settlers Ridge, Carrollton; $653,900

Andrew Sanchez to Monica West; 204 Riley Way, Smithfield; $321,000

Richard A. DeForest to Christine N. Bucklew; 107 Fleetney Circle, Smithfield; $342,000

Pons Farm LLC to Donald Wade Little; 78.41 acre addition Pons Farm; $212,000

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Larry R. Trueheart Jr.; 11405 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $349,200

Dana Elmore to Dan Edmonds; 18246 Farmview, Windsor; $458,000

Rose Marie Iervolino to Scotty E. McNabb; 881 Maple Court, Smithfield; $265,000

John P. Buelow, trustee, to Ronnie Keith Miller; 1.12 acres TW Owens and .058 acres Highway 1903; $364,000

Frank B. Williams to Lisa K Cutrell; lot 1 and addition Old Myrtle Road; $120,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 249 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,380

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 327-328 ph 10A2 Benns Grant; $128,400

George P. Collins to Phillips Building Company LLC; 13390 Bowling Green Road, Windsor; $25,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to Benns Church Properties; .1226 acres boundary; $10

NVR Inc. to Harold Lerma; 231 Williamson Park Lane, Smithfield; $410,850

Comfort Living LLC to Caitlin Marie Baker; 21381 Johnson Lane, Carrollton; $285,000

Lianying Cai to Carolina L. Malone; 436 Seaport Trail, Carrollton; $230,000

Toni O. Trask to JCL Properties LLC; 1613 S. Church St., Smithfield; $180,000

Brian L. Osmundson to Douglas A. Klohn; 18402 Orbit Road, Windsor; $397,000

Michael Keith Miller to Erik Van Osten; 11322 Magnolia Place, Smithfield; $515,000

Maureen Duke Brines to Michael Keith Miller; 206 Beech Court, Smithfield; $390,000

Mikaela A. Washington to Tanya Wiesman; 709 Blue Heron Trail, Carrollton; $200,000

James S. Gontarz to Myra J. Elmore; 601 Inland Walk, Carrollton; $264,000

David F. Waller to Christopher Reynolds; 107 Sunrise Bluff, Smithfield; $397,000

James Curcio to James McLaughlin; 703 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $220,000

Ryan T. Benton to Brian T. Osmundson; 106 Herons Cove, Carrollton; $227,900

Paul E. Brockman to Town of Smithfield; lot 8 Pinewood Heights; $93,000

Sally G. Wilson to Town of Smithfield; lot 12 Pinewood Heights; $58,000

Christine M. Drawing to Tracy Gramajo; 328 Main St., Smithfield; $105,000

Keiya Burrell to Courtney Z. Eure; 5115 James Way, Smithfield; $51,018

Roland Hatten to Pamela R. Stanberry; 14010 Mill Swamp Road, Smithfield; $400,000

Joshua D. Nichols to Joshua Welshans; lot 23 sec 2 Cannon Acres; $325,000

NVR Inc. to Serena Marie Fulenwider; 515 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $450,395

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 250 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,380

Scott D. Hamilton to Christopher Kennedy; 301 Clipper Creek Lane, Smithfield; $375,000

Stephen G. Summerlin Jr. to Travis Dalton; 800 Canteberry Lane, Smithfield; $375,000

David H. Haight to Angela Acosta; 2305 James River Trail, Carrollton; $223,000

AB Homes LLC to Takeem R. Lamberth; 5415 Kenmere Lane, Smithfield; $561,365

Marcia A. Matthews to Joy Helen Leitz; 130 Montpellier Way, Smithfield; $229,900

Ronald V. Alldaffer to Robert J. Johnson; 105 Barclay Crescent, Smithfield; $407,500

Joseph Aiken to David Luther Kleffman; 10484 Sylvia Circle, Windsor; $377,000

Joseph M. Harman to Tina Lynn Savoie; 900 Andrews Crossing, Smithfield; $375,000

Clifton J. Griffin to James E. Garvey Jr.; 17 E. Griffin St., Windsor; $188,000

Town of Windsor to Stanley Watson; section 21 lots J&K Town of Windsor; $2,000

Gallon Estates II LLC to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC; 212 Middle St., Smithfield; $175,000

EJ Holdings LLC to F and F Homes LLC; tr 9 Lem Jones Estate; $60,000

EJ Holdings LLC to F and F Homes LLC; tr 10 Lem Jones Estate; $60,000

Ahmon R. White to James E. Vinston; 613 Westminster Reach, Smithfield; $435,000

EJ Holdings LLC to F and F Homes LLC; 1 acre adj John Claggett; $60,000

EJ Holdings LLC to F and F Homes LLC; parce VA Road 686 adj John Claggett; $60,000

William Proudfoot to Andres Arellano; 9141 Windsor Blvd., Windsor; $250,000

Darren Shewmaker to Forrest Brian Smith; 18201 Muddy Cross, Smithfield; $575,000

Doug Swain to Kevin D. Wood Sr.; lot 3 William N. Howell; $260,000

Deborah A. Jones to Elaina Barnes; 2402 James River Trail, Carrollton; $211,150

James A. Hirst to Robert David Vestal; 905 Magruder Road, Smithfield; $220,000

Bruce Wayne Hawkins to Wesley A. Anderson; 2.358 acres Hortense D. Whitley property; $304,300

Cristina E. Morris to Philip M. Ahye; 22258 Tradewinds Drive, Carrollton; $460,000

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Cortney T. Ross Sr.; 11414 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $337,183

Angela Velvia Peyton to Francis E. Carmon III; 21492 Hardison Lane, Windsor; $300,000

Dustin H. Rheuark to Alexander Csicseri III; 14189 Foursquare, Smithfield; $235,000

Liberty Construction to Roberto M. Esquivel; 100 Castle St., Windsor; $88,000

Duane C. Hayes to Robert Karl Francis II; 261 Grandville Arch, Smithfield; $436,000

Martha Jane Hansen to Gregory L. Wilson; 228 Grace St., Smithfield; $500,000

Eagle Construction to Barry O’Neil Sellers; 1005 Cypress Creek, Smithfield; $763,492

William J. Kanack to Benjamin G. Pongratz; 205 Grandville Arch, Smithfield; $410,000

Danny L. Roberts to Roberth A. Walkony; 22262 Charthouse Lane, Carrollton; $410,000

Rodney L. Lee to David M. Vitt; 13129 East Bay Court, Carrollton; $415,000

John B. Edwards Jr. to Donald Wayne Thacker; 1507 Magruder Road, Smithfield; $212,000

WM S. Wirt Construction to Britt David Gillette; lot 408 ph 2A Cypress Creek; $117,000

Betty Langley Carter to Charles McDaniel; 21140 Rescue Road, Carrollton; $362,000

Jeffrey M. Rogers to Kayla Brown; 11385 Old Suffolk Road, Windsor; $215,000

JC Land Ventures LLC to Nicholas Ryan White; 28 N. Court St., Windsor; $302,500

Garrett A. Frazier to Tiffany N. Trim; lot on Carrsville Highway; $174,900

Janice L. Carter to Tina Dennis; 103 S. Court St., Windsor; $126,000

NVR Inc. to Desiree Denise Morris; 523 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $500,650

NVR Inc. to Sarah Lyn Carbullido; 524 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $459,039

MMHH Investments LLC to Thomas L. Sherrill; 414 Huntington Way, Smithfield; $385,900

Christopher T. White to Donna Ruth Brodie; 103 Cypress Ave., Smithfield; $350,000

Aaron D. Thomas to David A. Hayes; 300 Sanctuary Cove, Carrollton; $55,000

The Entrust Group Inc. to Sadler Building Corporation; 5131 River Club Drive, Suffolk; $110,000

Gregory Aaron Hoch to Jean Munford McClelland; 15.2 acres par 3 Edward O. Drew; $550,000

Eagle Construction to John E. Bunn; 417 St. Andrews, Smithfield; $450,040

Tiffany L. Howells to Paul Radcliffe Thomas; 211 Red Oak Court, Smithfield; $290,000

Jeffrey D. Baker to Stephen Ibeh; 611 Westminster Reach, Smithfield; $520,000

Robert A. Baxter to Puneet Kumar; 523 Shoreline, Carrollton; $246,000