Drewry dodges abortion question

Published 4:56 pm Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Last Wednesday evening I attended the candidate forum at the Smithfield Center.

I applaud the format used for questions presented to the candidates. Unlike past candidate forums, where audience questions were collected and summarized by some supposedly neutral facilitator, audience members asked their questions directly without interpretation or edit.

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I also found the participating candidates, less one, candid and forthright. While unable to vote for any of the school board candidates at the forum, I would welcome any of the three attending school board candidates, based upon their responses, to the county school board. While I may not agree with any on all issues, I know where they stand. Hardy District residents are most fortunate in that they have such a difficult choice between two excellent candidates.

Sadly, I found House of Delegates candidate Michael Drewry’s responses to most questions left unanswered. Yes, he spoke with lawyer eloquence, but used wily political jargon. After hearing his response concerning his position on abortion and the right to choose, I followed up with a question: At what point in the pregnancy does he believe abortion is not appropriate? His response showed me that he lacks moral character and principled leadership skills.

He responded that he would listen to the majority of his constituency. Really? Ask 100 people when life begins and you may get close to 100 opinions. If this weren’t true, the abortion debate would have been settled decades ago. Even our highest courts are afraid to tackle that question.

With over 70,000 residents in District 64, just which constituency would he be listening to — the group that screams the loudest? While in session and having an hour to review amendments to legislation before voting, who’s he going to call?

I will never agree with Del. Emily Brewer on every issue, nor will I agree with School Board member Denise Tynes on certain issues. But I actively work with and respect both ladies as we attempt to move our county/district forward. Why? Because we can openly discuss issues, respect one another’s positions, know where we stand on an issue and, if need be, respectfully agree to disagree.

We don’t need politically ambitious Drewry, who seems to think he’s qualified to lecture fellow Surry County board members (his words), representing our 64th District.


Dick Grice