Brewer ignores constituents

Published 5:39 pm Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

So it has become crystal clear over the last few weeks as well as her voting record over the last few years that Delegate Brewer has little regard for her constituents in the 64th House District. She refused to respond to important questions asked by the Smithfield Times and naturally she was unavailable for the NAACP Candidates Forum. This leads us to wonder, what does she stand for? In her years in office only two issues appear of interest, guns and abortion. Her positions on these are strictly designed to demonize those who don’t agree with her and to further divide us rather than seek a common ground on which to build a consensus.

In a recent candidate forum Delegate Brewer said she is in favor of “school choice.” This means she favors spending taxpayer money to support private, i.e. mostly segregated, schools. Delegate Brewer voted against expanding Medicaid in Virginia. And being in the best interests of a majority of Virginians, it passed without her support, extending affordable health care coverage to 500,000 of our fellow citizens.

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Her largest donor is Dominion Energy. Predictably, she voted against oversight of Dominion’s excess profits at the expense of the average working Virginia family. Again showing herself to be completely out of touch, she voted against the Equal Right Amendment even though it was a landmark victory for American women.

Let’s send a message to Delegate Brewer that ignoring your constituents and promoting divisive issues has consequences. Vote for Michael Drewry on Nov. 2.


R. Hutter Gale