‘Slick’ move by Carr

Published 5:34 pm Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

School Board Chair Jackie Carr withdrew from the race for the Carrsville District on Oct. 14 after ballots had been printed and early voting had begun. She cited family priorities and politics that have entered this race as her reasons.

Since Democrat-appointed Superintendent of Public Instruction James Lane has been in charge, politics in the form of social engineering have definitely been injected into the school system.

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On Oct. 17, Carr was supporting a write-in campaign of someone else; on Oct. 18, she began to campaign for herself again, as she did not want votes split between herself, a write-in candidate, and Republican John Collick.

Under Virginia Code 24.2-226, if Carr won the election and resigned, a special election would not be held until November 2022. School Board members Dial, whomever replaces resigned member Perkins, and the replacement for Carr would serve until then. This would result in the Carrsville, Windsor, and Newport districts having unelected members representing them.

For someone who does not want to be involved in politics Carr is pulling a very slick political move to keep conservative candidates like John Collick off the school board, allowing them to continue their current liberal policies.

I will say this for Mrs. Carr: For someone who claims not to want involvement in politics, she is showing that she (or someone advising her), is an astute politician and is knowledgeable in political chicanery.


Jennifer Boykin