Better info on biogas plant

Published 3:42 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I see some positive differences doing renewables the favor they deserve between the Times’ Nov. 10 report (“Surry residents get info on biogas project”) and the Sept. 27 Align RNC proposal to the Surry Planning Commission. Will that be enough?

The differences were an increase in truck count to five trucks annually moving four tons of sulfur each delivery (which could be closer to the truth as opposed to a shot-from-the-hip answer), and a dB value of 50 was reported on compressor noise. Regardless of the differences in hog diet in Virginia and Utah, a successful presentation would include documented scalable comparisons of the Utah facility to the proposed Surry facility.

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I would urge Align to provide scalable backup documentation, especially on the Utah compressor noise at measured distances from the compressor with the compressor house doors open, assuming the compressors rightfully do have noise reduction enclosure(s).

Align’s Ryan Childress did mention RECs (Renewable Energy Credits). Well, when marketing renewables, there is typically only one side of the equation present. That is the appealing side of earning and cashing in on these credits. The usually missing dark side of this equation is that these credits are bought by companies with a heavy carbon footprint. The obvious question should be, “How valuable are RECs becoming as this nation continues to eliminate polluters buying RECs?”

To continue on that positive path I urge Align RNC to bench its Sept. 27 junior varsity contingent and send its varsity to the Nov. 22 Surry Planning Commission meeting. I bet the Surry Planning Commission will continue to ask well-pointed questions, deserving better answers.

Align, you had a horrible first half. What are you going to do? Good luck!

Yep, I’m pro-renewables, and I live in Isle of Wight and this project is in Surry. I do see irresponsible renewable encroachment making me look over the county lines at this Surry project.


David Tucker, PE