Surry County land transfers

Published 4:09 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The following land transfers were recorded in the Surry County Circuit Court for the month of October:

Willard W. Lane to Richard Lane, 49.68 acres, Cobham District, $169,100

John Charles Chappelle to Geneva Padgett, parcel Cobham District, $175,000

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David L. Shook to Marlena M. Rath, 1.02 acres, Cobham District, $145,000

Hope Goodman Riddick to Aaron Lee Poole, 5 parcels.41.9 acres, Cobham District, $0

James S. Allen Jr. to Christopher Sunman, 2 parcels, 7 acres, Cobham District, $365,000

Ondrea P. Barr to Monique James, Lot, Town of Dendron, $0

Gary Kenneth Frazier, $0

Marilyn D. Shelton to John W. Johnson, lot, Cobham District, $50,000

Carolyn S. Dickens to James Allen Jr., 20.16 acres, Cobham District, $100,000

Ronald E. Mansfield II to Chaz Hood, 1 acre, Cobham District, $211,700

C&P Isle of Wight Water Company to Life Essentials, 4 parcels, Cobham District, $97,851.30

Timothy E. Fulgham to David Marcello Jones, 2 parcels, Town of Claremont, $205,000

Errin Coates to Deborah E. Farris, 1/10 Int, 3 lots, Surry, $20,000

Gladys W. Hardy to Jermond Bolden, lot, Surry County, $11,000

Henrietta Branch Tullis to Henrietta Branch Tullis, 1 acre, Cobham District, $0

Annette L. Ellis to Michael Moore, 15.384, Guilford District, $50,000

BG Buie Homes Inc. to Gregory C. Renyard, Lot 14, Fox Chase Subdivision, $53,400

Gray Lumber Company to Brian J. Williams, 240.7 acres, Guilford District, $757,000

James Bradley Winder Jr. to New Sustainable Property Holdings, 201 acres, Blackwater District, $860,404

Pamela Goodrich Palmore to Tina Watson, 5.367 acres, Cobham District, $49,000

Chad D. Jones to Simikco Wright, 6.86 acres, Blackwater District, $54,900

Custom Builders Express LLC to Corey Ellen Mason, 6.20 acres, Cobham District, $272,675

Glenn Slade to Carolyn S. Dickens, 3 parcels/20.16 acres, Cobham District, $0

Paul H. Banker Jr. to River Rock Inc., 4.687 acres, Guilford District, $0,000

Paul W. Chiarky to Joshua C. Grizzle, 47.614 acred, Guilford District, $163,000

Adirondack Timber Company Inc. to Roseburg Resources Company, 8 parcels, Surry County, $2,819,845.45

Onike Ruffin to William Newby, 2 parcels, Town of Claremont, $14,500

Onike Ruffin to John D. Elliott, 2 lots, Town of Claremont, $2,550

Onike Ruffin to Joseph Rollins, parcel, Town of Dendron, $3,752

Beaverdam Airpark Estates LLC to Charles A. Nuckles, 14.89 acres, Cobham District, $0

Charles A. Nuckles to New Sustainable Property Holdings, 96.7 acres, Cobham District, $1,142,460

Leonard C. Ruffin to Onike Noreen Ruffin, 1.201 acres, Guilford District, $0

RK Capital LLC to Patricia Yolanda Byrd, 99 Park Avenue, $194,900

Robert Lee Richardson to Robin Presson, 2 lots, Hartz & Rogers Subdivision, $175,000

4135 Beechland Road LLC to Stuart R. Londeree, 1.83 acres, Cobham District, $0

Louis Jay Buttner to Beatriz Torres Naranjo, 10 acres, Guilford District, $185,000

Reges Alexandra Hansen to Zachary Jayson Humphrey, parcel, Town of Claremont, $200,000

Richard B. Hunnicutt to Lillian Rowland, 2 lots, Cobham District, $0

Lillian B. Rowland to Crater Investment Company LLC, 2 parcels, Cobham District, $160,000

Thomas W. Winfree to Thomas W. Winfree, 2 lots, Guilford / 8 lots, Claremont, $0

Paul H. Banker Jr. to Rock River Inc., 4.687 acres, Guilford, $0