Teach children good manners

Published 3:42 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I am now 78 and haven’t written a letter to the editor in years.

We would like to know when Americans are going to begin using good manners and teach their children those manners when out in public places? When are they going to get back their morals and principles again?

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A public restaurant is NOT your home, and other people are around you paying for their meals as well as you are and deserve some modicum of peace to enjoy what they pay for. A huge sign on the front door stating “Good Manners are Appreciated” might be a good idea.

And I remember when little, if you didn’t behave, the owners would ask you to leave the restaurant.

I did not take our children out in public until they could behave and be respectful of others around them. They remained at home learning simple table manners and speaking with quiet voices or they got in trouble.

My husband and I could not enjoy dinner out Sunday in one of our favorite Italian restaurants,  due to loud customers with about four or five unruly, misbehaved children and their so-called parents all yelling and talking at the top of their lungs as if they were dining in their own home and not in a public place where other people are paying for their meals too.

Whenever we see misbehaved children in public, we look at the parents and therein lies the trouble. Children need to be taught and not allowed to run wild like dogs. Some dogs and cats have better manners.

Our blood pressure went up due to the awful, constant racket with children running around and playing around other tables, Talking loudly, one 6-year-old girl hit a man on his head and climbed up the fake stone wall to the hole dividing the rooms, and screamed out in the entry way like the brats they are. It might be a family restaurant, but even in those, good manners should be used at all times!

Linda Gould Steffey