Isle of Wight County Land Transfers for November

Published 4:13 pm Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of November:


Perry McMillion Custom Builders to Jorge A. Leal; 14180 Carver Drive, Carrollton; $325,000

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Edison Schroeder to Ashton Taylor Juedes-Steinike; 14306 Courthouse Highway, Smithfield; $255,000

Pine Circle to Patricia J. Baines; 15064 Pine Circle, Smithfield; $60,000

Julia Ann Paul to Jessica V. King; 24247 Bush Creek Circle, Carrollton; $345,900

David P. Swope to Jill M. Sansing; 605 Inland Walk, Carrollton; $242,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 245 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,940

AB Homes LLC to Robert W. Wing; 15437 Mt. Holly Creek, Smithfield; $448,292

David W. Bennett to James Forrest; 22313 Graystone Drive, Carrollton; $465,000

Eagle Construction to Jeffrey Warren Keel; 224 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $628,500

NVR Inc. to Michael Lamar Baldwin; 148 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $328,000

M&E Condo LLC to Glenda E. Saunders; 101 Lands End Lane, Carrollton; $239,900

Edward Lawless to Ronald Thomas Hopkins; 315 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $429,000

Angela P. Hall to Julia Winterboer; 4396 Cox St., Carrsville; $140,000

Lawrence Mtetwa to Davida Winfield Stevenson; 200 Grandville Arch, Smithfield; $460,000

Brian F. Timm to Donald E. Kreinsen; 15374 Mt. Holly Creek Lane, Smithfield; $310,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 357 and 358 ph 10A2 Benns Grant; $128,400

Larry E. Gibson to Christine Brett; 45 Faye Drive, Smithfield; $390,500

Dale F. Fehd to Jason P. Dubyoski; 102 Sunrise Bluff, Smithfield; $426,200

Austin G. Burke to Victoria Elaine Sakata; 409 Huntington Way, Smithfield; $390,000

Eagle Construction to Michael W. Harper; 102 Nairn, Smithfield; $636,099

Judith Witt Barlow to Canyon Properties LLC; 2 acres Highway 620; $165,300

Regina L. Crocker to Ryan W. Justice; 11041 White Hill Trail, Ivor; $180,000

Carmen Sandoval to Larry M. Davis; 13461 Prince Andrew Trail, Carrollton; $266,500

Samuel I. White PC, trustee, to Louise J. Pearson; no description given; $238,000

Kari M. Dechenne to Nathaniel Winslow; 10296 Park St. Battery Park; $400,000

NVR Inc. to Richard Walter Keith; 236 Riley Way, Smithfield; $331,565

NVR Inc. to Nicole Paige; 188 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield; $323,000

Jimmie G. Copeland to Charles Edward Smith Jr.; 10277 Old Myrtle Road, Carrsville; $260,000

Shamica R. Wilson to Braian Reyes Navarro; 23312 Spring Crest Drive, Carrollton; $295,000

NVR Inc. to Arthur V. Beauchamp; 560 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $435,050

Thomas W. Wilkinson to Louis W. Brenner Jr.; 10241 Rainbow Road, Carrollton; $985,000

Cypress Investment Homes to Eagle Construction; lots 1148 and 148 ph 6 and lot 326 ph 7B Cypress Creek

Whitley Hawkins Holdings to Andrew E. Perkins; addition on Green Oaks Lane; $1,537

Jared M. Brown to Frederick M. Stanton Jr.; lot 10 John B. Grimes est; $365,000

Eagle Construction to Herbert D. harvey Jr.; 421 St. Andrew’s, Smithfield; $415,917

Gloria Cray to Elliott Byrd; lot 6 ph 2 Smithfield Manor; $260,000

Robert D. Cress to Derek Powers; 21 Riverside Drive, Smithfield; $403,400

Timothy McDowell to Mark Sorrells; lot 1 Page Larson; $43,000

Abbey Lynn Cole to Jonathan R. Wallace; tr 15 Riverpoint Farms; $220,000

Hersey Gay Pierce to William R. Holland; 208 Edgewood Drive, Smithfield; $256,500

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 209 ph 8 Benns Grant; $109,940

NVR Inc. to Charles Basham; 232 Riley Way, Smithfield; $323,020

Elizabeth Hatlevig to Desiree P. Reid; 172 Jordan House Road, Smithfield; $287,500

Megan E. Brueseke to David L. Pickett, trustee; 12155 Fenwood Court, Smithfield; $940,000

James L. Ferguson to Joseph Ferguson; 24552 Sugar Hill Road, Carrollton; $361,000

Eagle Construction to Jeffrey M. Bledsoe; 617 St. Andrew’s, Smithfield; $525,489

Eagle Construction to Austin Michael Hairfield; 240 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $693,040

Brian H. White, trustee, to Conner H. White; 105 Whites Point Way, Smithfield; $500,000

NVR Inc. to Shelby Daves; 184 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield; $278,180

  1. Thomas Faison to Kimberly Jo Stancer; 3016 Joyners Bridge Road, Carrsville; $293,000

JCL Properties LLC to James D. Rice Jr.; 206 Barcroft Drive, Smithfield; $306,000

NVR Inc. to Jermaine M. Ellis; 512 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $480,565

Betty B. Lilley to Samuel D. Scott IV; lot 23 Commodore Pointe; $500,000

Macon Edwards to Todd M. Bryant; 16490 Trump Town, Windsor; $350,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 323 and 324 ph 10A2 Benns Grant; $128,400

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 505, 506, 507, 508 ph 10B1 Benns Grant; $220,800

Vilma M. Regal to William T. Burris Sr.; 1003 Point Way, Carrollton; $245,000

NVR Inc. to Jasmine Nicole Perry; 180 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield; $279,990

Anthony M. Lawless to Olivia R. Luque; 13061 South Cove, Carrollton; $461,000

Beverley Crosby, trustee, to El Cazador Holdings LLC; remainder acreage parcels State Hwy 460 & 646; $298,000

Rufus L. Swittenberg II to Timothy W. Thacker; 13201 Harbor Drive, Carrollton; $460,000

Stanley R. Staszcuk to Miguel Angel Aguilar; 14371 Bethel Church Lane, Smithfield; $390,000

Tracy L. Little to Sara M. Hughes; .704 acres Red Point Drive; $489,000

NVR Inc. to Roberto Fantauzzi; 176 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield; $339,915

Jeffrey D. Chandler to Johnathan W. Meador; 1 Green Pasture Lane, Carrollton; $105,000

Jennifer A. Fiallos, trustee, to Cheryl J. Allen; 109 Richmond Ave., Smithfield; $318,000

Dow Construction to JVC LLC; par G and H Waterfront Land Corp; $155,000

Ian W. Kemp to Amanda P. Maldonado; 13162 Windward Place, Carrollton; $464,900

Darrell H. Jordan to Sean Spofford; 208 Blue Heron, Carrollton; $219,900

Founders Pointe LLC to Fred William Lindsay; lot 145 ph 2 sec 2A Founders Pointe; $273,000

Cotton Enterprises LLC to 223 Main Smithfield LLC; two parcels on Main Street; $526,000

Brian R. Hallinger to Ryan Walker Chewning; 429 Kendall Haven, Smithfield; $294,000

Calvin J. Genereux Jr. to Shawn Patrick O’Conner Jr.; 7375 Peanut Drive, Windsor; $360,000

Virginia A. Arnesen to David Scott Mills; 3150 Burdette Road, Carrsville; $455,000

Patricia M. Huebner to Connie S. Lackey; 208 Red Oak Court, Smithfield; $290,000

Brown Real Property to Ronald Heiligh; 19193 Farm Road, Smithfield; $594,000

Bryan Baumgartner to Russell K. Hall; 3226 Poplar Drive, Smithfield; $240,000

Presson Construction to Freddie Napier; 3227 Lawrence Drive, Carrsville; $289,250

Hayley Dean Allen to Jennifer Lynn Waters; 602 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $235,000

Terry D. Porter, trustee, to Joseph Bykowski; 45 Nelson Maine, Carrollton; $277,500

Amy C. Camper to Kevin W. Johnson; 103 Cary St., Smithfield; $197,450

SNB Holdings LLC to Town of Smithfield; lot 6 Pinewood Heights; $93,000

Jacqueline G. Howell to Timothy L. Humphreys; 552 Margaret Drive, Chesapeake; $107,000

NVR Inc. to Sasidhar Kota; 532 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $479,500

Jean G. Barger, trustee, to Thomas T. Sumrak; 115 Barcroft Drive, Smithfield; $110,000

Christopher A. Jones to Turnaround Remodeling LLC; 203 Nottingham Place, Smithfield; $55,000