Surry County Land Transfers

Published 5:14 pm Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The following land transfers were recorded in the Surry County Circuit Court for the month of November:

William B. Thomas to George Rogerson, Lot Town of Surry, $0

Jeannine Joy Russell, executor to Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs, 11673 Rolfe Hwy. $161754.72

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Scott Hunter Bazemore to Kathy A. Parsons, 5.51 acres, Cobham District, $510,000

Bobby Jo Powroznik, trustee to William Mayes, Lot Guilford District, $5,000

Carla Pillsbury to Carla Pillsbury, 1.047 acres, Town of Claremont, $0

William B. Thomas to Joseph Edwin Thomas, 0.751 acres, Town of Surry, $0

WNS Properties LLC to Justin R. Hundley, 10 1/4 acres, Cobham District, $15,000

Thurman Davis Copeland, $0

David Cale Lobur to David Cale Lobur, 11 acres, Blackwater, $0

Joseph T. Ford to Jamie McCann, 10 acres, Guilford District, $245,000

Herbert Keith Johnson to Herbert Trent Johnson, 47 1/2 acres, Cobham District, $0

Sunken Meadow Limited LLC to Christopher I. Thompson, Lot Guilford District, $187,500

Michael W. Worstell to Virginia Electric and Power Company, 30 ft. R/W 252 Riverview Drive, $0

Surry County Board of Supervisors to Virginia Electric and Power Company, 15 ft. R/W Marina Drive, $0

Audrey Byrd, executor to Golden Pheasant Enterprise LLC, 6.534 acres, Cobham District, $60,000

Vincent L Coates to Deborah E. Farris, 38 acres, Cobham District, $20,000

Eric Allen to Erica Shaw, 1 acre, Guilford District, $0

Justin P. Wallace to George H. Viverios, 4.56 acres, Guilford District, $255,000

Anthony Turner to Dawn R. Himelick, .918 acres, Blackwater District, $255,00

Hayden F. Bassett to Joel N. Goodwin, Lot Town of Dendron, $135,000

Charlome R. Pierce to Ramona E. Smith, 3.51 acres, Cobham District, $185,000

John T. Holloway to John T. Holloway, Lots 7 through 10, Pleasant Point Farm, $0

Irvin L. Palicious to Garry W. Price, Lot Cobham District, $25,000

Laurence W. Hansch to Laurence W. Hansch, 4.34 acres, Town of Claremont, $0

Gary Brooks to Michael W. Bryant, 3.15 acres, Cobham, $24,000

Onike Treasurer Ruffin to Penny Biggs, Lot Town of Claremont, $1,500

Kristin A. Holberg to Michael Wells Jr., 45.47 acres, Cobham District, $650,000

Michael A. Seward to Michael A. Seward, 132 acres, Cobham District, $0

Hale Associates LLC to Janette Bisbee, Lot Town of Claremont, $0

Howard Porter Jr. to Cedar Homes Investments LLC, 1 acre, Cobham District, $51,000

County of Surry to Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Lot Surry County, $0

County of Surry Virginia to County of Surry Virginia, 30 ft. R/W Surry County, $0

County of Surry to Hampton Roads Sanitation District, utilty easement, $0

County of Surry Virginia to County of Surry Virginia, 11.36 acres, Cobham District, $0

Gloria G. Johnson to Gloria G. Johnson, 1/2 Int. 2 parcels, Blackwater District, $0