IW County Land Transfers

Published 5:04 pm Tuesday, January 4, 2022

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of December:

Judith C. Wells to Aegeun Properties LLC; lot 8 blk A Riverview; $5,000

Judith Wells to Foundations to Success LLC; residue Queijo Property; $1,500

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Judith C. Wells to Lonjay Estates LLC; lot 182 Jamestown; $1,500

Judith C. Wells, trustee, to Jai Hind Inc.; .707 acres Cypress Run; $2,600

Nancy Tuvell to Willard R. Styron; parcel State Route 630 JR Howell; $214,000

Laura Janette Veal to Richard Thomas Carbaugh; 101 Longview Circle, Smithfield; $308,400

NVR Inc. to Kathryn N. Turner; 507 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $441,540

Grace M. Davis to Edward A. Griggs; 1 acre state Highway 683; $50,000

Christopher Overstreet to Ronnell Gamble; 22414 Harbor Towne, Carrollton; $445,000

Eagle Harbor LLC to Tres Perez LLC: 14156 Batiste Court, Carrollton, $700,000

Robert E. Kelly Jr. to Matthew M. Woodzell; 102 Commerce St., Smithfield; $420,000

Robert D. Durling to Scott J. Lehew; 8207 Dove Trail, Zuni; $430,000

Garry D. Greene to Vadym Onyshchenko; 520 Shoreline Road, Carrollton; $270,000

Cedar Homes Investments to James F. Vance Jr.; 304 Lakeview Lane, Carrollton; $259,000

EW Benns Grant to NVR Inc.; lots 228 and 240 ph 8 Benns Grant; $209,880

EW Benns Grant to NVR Inc.; lots 355 and 356 ph 10A2 Benns Grant; $129,000

Carolina Cold Storage to Lineage Logistics LLC: par A and 5.418 acres Smithfield Packing; $10,156,919

NVR Inc. to Debora Savard; 265 Riley Way, Smithfield; $349,435

Matthew B. Dehoust to Joshua A. Ashe; 91 Barclay Crescent, Smithfield; $446,000

Christopher D.N. Callahan to Eric S. Slater; 104 Spinnaker Run Court, Smithfield; $460,000

Sasser Construction LC to David B. Pendergrass; lot 276 ph 2 sec 2 DS Founders Pointe; $121,500

NVR Inc. to James T. Seibert; 531 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $472,410

Robert Lee Ambrose to John W. Harris Jr., trustee; two parcels 21.72 acres and 4.5 acres; $25,000

AB Homes LLC to Justin M. Zeller; lot 3 minor sub Mount Holly Creek Lane; $417,758

Lewis E. Brooks to Miranda Brooks Kelly; 14348 Uzzell Church Road, Smithfield; $175,000

Michael R. Crider to Benjamin to Crider; 15393 Turner Drive, Smithfield; $310,000

Eagle Construction to Richard O. Pascoe; 204 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $553,532

  1. Knight-Pongratz to Melissa J. Jarrett; 505 Marsh Hawk Trail, Carrollton; $205,000

Yanci Alden Williams to Sarah N. Rhodes; 23292 Springs Crest Drive, Carrollton; $325,000

Kyle A. Moss to Keith Andrew Melton; 6960 Mill Creek Drive, Zuni; $455,000

Rebecca D. Tobin to Integrity Rental Properties LLC; lot David E. Grady Property; $100,000

Kirk Trust Properties to Southside Farms LLC; 75.54 acres mary E. McClelland Gwaltney Farm; $180,000

Nathan E. Tynes to Clearview Homes VA LLC; par state road 627 adj George Bailey; $33,000

WhitleyHawkins Holding to Wesley A. Anderson; 33006 Green Oaks Lane, Franklin; $100

AB Homes LLC to Sarah Jane Kelly; 15367 Mt. Holly Creek Lane, Smithfield; $421,708

Michael D. Grenier to Jesse K. Voelk; 22265 Deep Bottom Drive, Carrollton; $450,000

Fred Henley to Courtney Jardine; 507 Marsh Hawk Trail, Carrollton; $205,000

NVR Inc. to Bernice D. Jones; 233 Riley Way, Smithfield; $305,585

Anderson Law to United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; no description given; $257,500

Marion J. Smith to Town of Smithfield; lot 19 Henry D. Hearn; $23,000

Lewis R. Little to S R Smithfield LLC: 14214 Carrollton Blvd., Carrollton; $600,000

Karen E. Vogel to Kali Moss; 113 Bishops Reach, Smithfield; $270,000

Marc C. Cowling to Kyle A. Moss; 8277 Mill Creek Drive, Zuni; $165,000

Marcus J. Robinson to Jon Riley Sweeney; .9455 acres VA Route 646 Robert E. Thomas; $240,000

William Alexander Construction to Drew J. Dempsey; 25422 Buckhorn Drive, Windsor; $321,900

James J. Reid, special commissioner, to Lloyd Watson; CL 20-380 Tax Map 69A01153; $3,300

NVR Inc. to Kenneth Williams; 237 Riley Way, Smithfield; $308,730

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 244 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,940

David C. Frey to Kelsey Lynn Hawes; 307 Herons Cove, Carrollton; $225,000

CCS Virginia LLC to Michael Truitt; 1.807 acres Deer Path; $72,000

Corrina A. Dixon to Brittany Glanville; 13354 Chesapeake Place, Carrollton; $439,000

Church Square LLC to HHJV LLC: lot 10A and lot 10B ph 1 Church Square; $90,000

Eagle Construction to Arnoldo Kevin Padilla; 200 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $536,138

Lawanda Ward to Timothy J. Kyle; 15008 Omera Drive, Carrollton; $312,000

Justin J. Connelly to Sheila L. Auvil; 103 Berryman Court, Smithfield; $250,000

Linda K. Sullivan to Jessie Lee Blazik; 440 Evergreen Way, Smithfield; $420,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Sasser Construction LC; lot 276 ph 2 sec 2D3 Founders Pointe; $120,000

Carol D. Holloman to Omar Ahmed Uraizee; 121 Berryman Court, Smithfield; $350,000

NVR Inc. to Janae L. Smart; 511 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; lot 257 ph 8 Benns Grant; $438,200

Jonathan P. Tucker to Wise Guys LLC; par North Mason Street Marguerite G. Thomas; $185,000

Richard E. Champine to Windell Wilson; lot 6 Lawnes Creek Estates; $440,000

Frances Wells-Robertson to Jimmie Robertson; 8437 Green Level Road, Ivor; $1

Kathryn D. Day to Robert M. May Jr.; 11462 Raynor Road, Smithfield; $500,000

Nathan A. Nowotny to Brett Prentice May; 217 Arlington Place, Carrollton; $655,000

NVR Inc. to Lloyd H. Bell Jr.; 566 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $501,611

Russell L. Sage, trustee, to Douglas Scott West; 23060 Quail Covey Court, Carrollton; $467,400

Margaret S. Brown to George Rogers Whitley; 12.938 acres Shady Pine Lane; $155,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 242 ph 8 Benns Grant; $99,940

Dorothy Bailey Nagle to BB Bailey Realty and Appraisals; lots 118, 119, 121, 123 sec 2 James River Shores; $30,000

Eagle Construction to Matthew Todd Locey; 112 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $628,438

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 484, 485, 486, 487 ph 10B1 Benns Grant; $222,000

Keith Jones to Keith S. Vick; 8.085 acres Lees Mill Road; $7,000

Maison Builders Inc. to Courtney J. Davis Sr.; 104 Tyler Court, Carrollton; $567,610

Peter J. Newcomb to Alison H. Street; 24017 Peachtree Lane, Carrollton; $425,000

Jeremy B. Lowe to Kelsey Leigh Vasser; 7068 W. Blackwater Road, Zuni; $225,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to James Ericson Ricks; 16128 Carrollton Blvd., Carrollton; $177,000

Eagle Construction to Carey A. Kurtyka; 1200 Cypress Creek Parkway, Smithfield; $550,418

Robert A. Strini to Michael A. Taraborrelli; 12098 Comet Road, Smithfield; $549,000

Eric Leaman to Samuel I. White PC, trustee; 111 Thomas St., Smithfield; $354,830

Vicktoria E. Wright to Lacey Whitaker; 13032 Lighthouse Lane, Carrollton; $380,000

HHJV LLC to Anthony A. Reyes; 200 Durham St., Smithfield; $286,000

Whitemarsh LLC to David D. English; 21015 Tan Road, Smithfield; $49,852

Nancy B. Edwards to Moonlight Properties LLC; 11183 Burwells Bay Road, Smithfield; $150,000

Sasser Construction LC to Robert Earl Williams; 96 Alexandria Way, Carrollton; $497,859

Harold R. Price to 3D Custom Homes LLC; parcel 676 state highway; $33,000

Custom Builders Express to Thomas Cooper Sr.; 4319 Fort Huger Drive, Smithfield; $232,575

Douglas M. Martin to Sarah W. Hirst; 215 Jefferson Drive, Smithfield; $319,900

Janice L. Williams to Robert E. Vanscriver; 205 Keswick Place, Smithfield; $465,000

Sterling A. Thomas Sr. to Richard W. Trimble; 14333 Stonehouse Lane, Smithfield; $43,000

Ozgur Dursun to Yusuf Atay; Simpson Apartments Main Street and Cary Street; $50,000

Eagle Construction to Arnold E. Lusby III; 209 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $626,762

Lee A. Carlisle to Newhall Construction Company; 20626 Creekside Drive, Smithfield; $25,000

Ted W. Boothe to Red Point Holdings LLC; 223 S. Church St., Smithfield; $130,000

Frances W. Murray to Jennifer H. Hogan; 512 Shoreline Road Unit 63, Carrollton; $250,500

Ronald C. Cole to Donald Mayeski; 210 Beech Court, Smithfield; $325,000

Comfort Living LLC to William L. Green; 9002 Blounts Corner Road, Smithfield; $255,500

Carolyn J. Rawls to Daniels Construction Corporation; lot 3 Henry H. Stewart property; $35,000

1307 Broadwater Arch to Cornelius F. Walker; 1307 Broadwater Arch, Carrollton; $215,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 321 and 322 ph 10A2 Benns Grant; $129,000

NVR Inc. to David C. Jenkins; 240 Riley Way, Smithfield; $345,375

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 223 ph 8 Benns Grant; $109,940

NVR Inc. to Avery S. Bubar; 165 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $320,820

Eagle Construction to George Leroy Scamman; 405 St. Andrews, Smithfield; $527,784

Eagle Construction to Craig R. Ferguson; 513 St. Andrews, Smithfield; $558,513

Grubstake LLC to Zachary Bobb; 13522 Burwells Bay Road, Smithfield; $212,000

Perry McMillion Custom Builders to Corinna Vega; 14176 Carver Drive, Carrollton; $331,000

Robert W. Dalton Jr. to Dwight P. Ray; lot 1 Brittle Farm; $385,000

NVR Inc. to David Andre Glover; 244 Riley Way, Smithfield; $333,000

NVR Inc. to Lindsay Kelly; 161 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $296,075

Justin Griffin to Thomas Douglas; 16056 Carroll Bridge, Smithfield; $325,000

Lawnes Creek Lots LLC to Sammie Fudge; lot 92 Lawnes Point on the James; $69,000

Cameron Baskin to Mary C. Dunningham; 918 Pocahontas Court, Smithfield; $210,000

HHJV LLC to Charles W. Read; 202 Durham St., Smithfield; $290,000

Philip L. Myers Jr. to Beyond Excellence LLC; 17364 Days Point Road, Smithfield; $535,000

William Alexander Construction to Matthew Parker Saunders; 22424 Barrett Town Road, Zuni; $278,100

Diann J. Whitley to Katelyn Mode; 26330 Colosse Road, Carrsville; $330,000

Lakeview Loan Servicing to TN Contracting Realty LLC; lot 2 William B. Black; $90,155

Jerry L. Goodwin to Bradley M. Cole; 13470 Great Spring Road, Smithfield; $352,000