School Board bullies citizens

Published 4:44 pm Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Pretty much everything we thought was true about the current state of public education has just been proven true. The education system is corrupted, polluted and infected by political hacks who claim to be “teaching.”

While most teachers in a classroom may not see the bigger picture, they are part of the system that’s using children as pawns and guinea pigs to further spread fear and irrational thinking.

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We elect members to sit on a School Board to legislate the school system as a whole, to mitigate matters of finance, discipline, logistics and resources. We elect delegates, senators and a governor to operate matters at a state level.  Common sense dictates local government is subservient to state government. However, the people grant the ability to manage affairs through their consent, which is given on Election Day.

I graduated from this county’s public schools nearly 30 years ago, when all students were pushed to give their best, do their best and learn as much as possible to achieve the highest levels, grades and accolades possible. Today the system operates in reverse: The “leaders” want to remove advanced courses and diplomas because they want to make it super easy to skate by, get a trophy and have a meaningless credential.

If 50% is the new passing grade and students are denied the ability to take harder courses that they actually want to take, we have graduates knowing 50% less who are 100% underprepared for the next 70 years of their lives.

Today we have totalitarian regimes running the schools who spit in the face of parents when they don’t want to hear their objections: cops forcibly hauling away citizens who say, “I don’t like what you’re doing.” Let the lawsuits begin!

Our Constitution specifically guarantees the rights of every citizen to criticize their government and to speak out against tyranny. School Board members who let their $13,000 stipend go to their heads, forcing dictates and mandates that traumatize children in direct violation of the orders of a superior, should resign from office.

School Board members who try to jail parents for speaking up in a public forum are the worst disgrace, beneath contempt and should be expelled.

I will forever remain the strongest advocate for homeschool education, charter and private schools.


David R. Lyons