Proud of board for mask decision

Published 4:42 pm Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I want to thank the Isle of Wight County School Board for its decision to follow the CDC guidelines and maintain the mask mandate for students and staff.

As we continue to have an average of 32 COVID cases a week in Isle of Wight and, nationally, 22.8% of COVID cases are in children, I believe the board’s decision was a prudent effort to keep our children, teachers and school staff safe.

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As a fully vaccinated and boosted healthy adult, at this point I probably really don’t need to wear a mask. I faithfully wear one because I would feel terrible if I was infectious (since most people are before they have symptoms) and I put a child, elderly or medically challenged person in danger. I faithfully wear one because I was raised to understand that sometimes we may be inconvenienced but serve the greater good.

Hopefully parents of children wearing masks can take this opportunity to be good role models and help the child learn that a small inconvenience can help keep their peers and teachers safe and reduce the stress and workload on the health care workers. You know, that old-fashioned “love your neighbor” stuff.

Hopefully the infection rate will decrease soon and children can attend schools safely without a mask. To all the teachers who heroically served our youth last year virtually, I am sure wearing a mask and being in person sure beats last year.


Ellen Williams