Isle of Wight County land transfers

Published 6:37 pm Tuesday, February 15, 2022

January 2022

Harold U. Blythe, trustee, to Alek J. Rethamel; 27144 Duke Meadows, Carrsville; $265,000

Matthew M. Woodzell to Amy M. Zielke; 11255 Magnolia Place, Smithfield; $490,000

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Scott M. Horne to Debra R. Mitchum; 15130 Carroll Bridge Road, Smithfield; $287,900

Ronald Sims to Adrian Borel, 117 Goose Hill Way, Smithfield; $700,000

Rebecca L. Carroll to Leslie Heffernan; 22046 Twin Hill Lane, Carrollton; $480,000

Cedar Homes Investments to Tina S. Spence; 13428 Martha Circle, Smithfield; $224,900

Shawnda Cuffee to James Ryan Johns; 114 Spring Meadow Lane, Smithfield; $354,999

Richard W. Coyle to Christopher C. Leitner; 57E Windsor Blvd., Windsor; $245,000

Nicholas Wobser to Timothy C. Ganey; 16058 Mill Swamp Road, Smithfield; $201,000

NVR Inc. to Rodney Lorenzo Gilchrist Jr.; 157 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $272,385

NVR Inc. to Bricen Gerrod McLaughlin; 539 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $468,635

Angus I. Hines Jr. Revocable Trust to Pams Land Development II LLC; 3 parcels Anna B. Bailey Trust and par Hwy 32&258; $1,725,000

Cedar Homes Investments to Asa Nickelson; 14423 Carroll Bridge, Smithfield; $281,000

Richard H. Gaddis to Roy W. roberts; 15061 Wineberry Court, Carrollton; $332,000

Shawn L. Cavanagh to Martin Benjamin Carlson; 106 Spinnaker Run, Smithfield; $435,000

Bertha M. Bowers to RM Clarke Farm Tennessee LLC; 41.39 acres Va St Hwy 648; $125,000

GS Ireland Inc. to SOJ3A LC; par 3A revised 3 Smithfield on the James; $325,000

E. Grier Ferguson to MPS Holdings LLC; par 10 Astrid St; $525,000

Kirk Trust Properties to Locust Grove Partners LP; 17076 Benns Church, Smithfield; $85,000

Gail Prevette Frayne to same; lot 25 ph 1 Wellington Park; $10

Harold U. Blythe, trustee, to Justin R. Hooper; 27110 Duke Meadows, Carrsville; $400,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 423 & 424 ph 10B2 Benns Grant; $129,000

Jeanne M. Meserve to Marianna Petrakos Latham; 34 Gurwen Drive, Smithfield; $195,000

Ronnie R. Ricks to JR Property Group LLC; .459 acres lot C Ricks; $115,000

Terry N. Street to Michael Christou; 22028 Bailey Drive, Carrollton; $276,000

Zachariah D. McDougle to Thomas G. Hines Jr.; 1620 Colonial Ave., Smithfield; $272,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 230 ph 9 Benns Grant; $114,940

NVR Inc. to Lauren Michelle Harris; 527 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $500,468

Thomas Edwin LLC to Clint C. Spivey; lot 2 G Paul Gwaltney Everets Road; $220,000

Theanna L. Wilmouth to Shawn A. Murphy Jr.; lots 5 & 6 DT Prince Prop; $207,000

Rudolph D. Skinner Jr. to KIC Construction LLC; lot 33 Jamestown; $18,500

Miley and Jonas LLC to Timothy P. Paschal; 6.24 acres pt par A RE Watson; $73,000

Maison Builders Inc. to Melvin Gonzalez; 1000 Founders Pointe Trail, Carrollton; $546,594

NVR Inc. to Wilfried D. Yepseu; 535 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $432,,230

Sandra E. Edwards to Richard S. Patterson; 6498 Joyners Bridge Road, Windsor; $250,000

Jaime Rodriguez to Matthew C. Gazda; 22374 Charthouse, Carrollton; $447,000

Ventwain Eason Sr. to Ryan S. Miller; 135 Spring Meadow Lane, Smithfield; $360,000

Jerry Michael Cale to Monica Troy Joyner; 5186 Carrsville Highway, Carrsville; $217,000

NVR Inc. to Brittney Nicole Stone-Joel; 543 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $478,995

NVR Inc. to Nicki Y. Longmire; 153 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $323,295

HSBC Bank USA to Salustio Sejas; 1.265 acres Rose M. Turner; $191,000

Cypress Investment Holdings to Dr Horton Inc.; lots 16-61 inclusive ph 6 sec 3 Cypress Creek; $6,025,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 234 ph 9 Benns Grant; $115,500

Gail K. Sawyer to Todd Bryant; 11331 Central Hill, Windsor; $650,000

Eagle Construction to Ashley R. Gery; 118 Gleneagles, Smithfield; $810,012

Christine B. Brett to Sherri Radtke; 1505 Broad Water Arch, Carrollton; $215,000

Clarence F. Bridges to Tyler Cresap; 13416 Anchor Court, Carrollton; $345,000

Cierra Campbell to Andrew S. Dale; 132 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $315,000

Rosalie Albino to Nicholas Brandon Hazelett; 103 Clipper Creek, Smithfield; $423,900

Eric R. Crafton to Grady A. Medlin Jr.; 301 Hidden Acres, Windsor; $325,000

Elisie L. Brake-Baker to Nathaniel Cameron; 28 Pleasant Lane, Smithfield; $527,000

Tim Kelm to Brian Johnson; 28073 Walters Highway, Carrsville; $325,000

Steven Wesley N. Croghan to Shelia M. Brooks; 11 Holland Drive, Windsor; $243,000

Robert Ian Dolensky to Andrew T. Haley; 2602 James River Trail, Carrollton; $219,900

NVR Inc. to Corbin Scott McKee; 547 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $442,135

NVR Inc. to Hailey Madison Torres; 245 Riley Way, Smithfield; $318,400

F. Maynard Gwaltney, trustee, to Robert W. Wright III; 255 River Oaks Lane, Smithfield; $890,000

Owen P. Pigott to Claude A. Merchant; lot 22 Lawnes Point on the James; $180,000

O.A. Spady to Flemon W. Mills; 117 S. Church St., Smithfield; $200,000

Trustee Services of Virginia to Paramount Investments LLC; inst 11-2343; $160,001

Raymond B. Lowe to Jayme L. Cunningham; 309 Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield; $394,000