Little Theatre is perfect cure for date night indecision

Published 5:56 pm Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Date nights test the creativity of married couples who’ve been at it a while.

At our house, where both spouses spend the workday making decisions for their organizations and are mentally spent by supper, the conversation sometimes goes like this:

“Let’s go do something.”

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“Sounds good.”

“Where would you like to go?”

“I don’t know. You decide.”

The circular conversation usually defaults to leftovers and Netflix — and more indecision by the person who holds the remote. I expect a few readers can relate.

Life at the foot of Wharf Hill, among its many benefits, does present some options for the decision-weary. Four restaurants (sometimes five, depending on that evening’s definition of walkable) tempt the taste buds and provide the option of a second drink without having to drive home. We’re officially “regulars” at one and a familiar enough sight at the others to draw the unspoken “Weren’t you in here last week?” look from the server.

Then there’s at least one community or cultural event a week, it seems, to get us off the sofa. (Check out this newspaper’s weekly Community Calendar for tips should someone ever tell you there’s nothing to do around here.)

Last month friends Ben and Cheryl Lineberry from Suffolk joined us for dinner at Wharf Hill Brewery, then a two-block stroll to the Smithfield Little Theatre, one of the town’s undervalued artistic treasures. The cast and crew outdid themselves with the McCarthy-era whodunnit comedy “Clue: On Stage!”

Kristen Wilda, by day the proprietor at Maggie Casey’s Celtic Treasure on Main Street, was worth the price of admission alone for her portrayal of Mrs. Peacock. James Eanes, who made his SLT directorial return after a hiatus for work and family obligations, assembled a terrific cast, who had a near-capacity crowd chuckling all night.

Cheryl, who’s dabbled in community theater in prior lives, was impressed. Friends in other towns, and even some bigger cities, envy our quality of life in Smithfield. It’s easy to see why.


Steve Stewart is publisher of The Smithfield Times. His email address is