Isle of Wight Land Transfers

Published 7:05 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The following property transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court in February:


Suzanne R. Long to Adam Chowaniec, Lot 123, Sec 1, Carisbrooke, $405,000

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Kirt Huffaker to Ryan James Tomaino, Lot 203 Ph 2 Sec 2D2, Founders Pointe, $644,900

Susan C. Robinson to Thomas W. Keeling, Lot 387, Ph 2A, Cypress Creek-T/S, $595,000

Deronda J. Posner to Raymond Archer, Lot 15, Sec 6 addition, Carl Beale-T/S, $299,900

Lawnes Creek Lots LLC to Travoris D. Carnes, Lot 127 Lawnes Point on the James-H/D, $69,000

Tuan A. Pham to Jeffrey H. Lurie, Lot 16 Lawnes Point on the James-H/D, $225,000

Thomas C. Parris to Samantha Jones, Lot 32 Tr 2 Ph 7, Eagle Harbor, $415,000

Camerin D. Sullivan to Charity Michelle Fisher, Unit BR Bldg 2000, Ph 29, Bridgewater, $234,000

Michael G. Johnson to Samuel D. Cratch, 2.38 acres VA Rd 664 E P, Gale – N/D, $275,000

NVR Inc. to Arthur Renna, Lot 360, Ph 10A2 Benns Grant, $329,245

Cynthia Chapman Smith to Beverly H. Brown, Lot 1 Leland A Chapman-H/D, $250,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc. Lots 463, 364, 465, 466 Ph 10B1 Benns Grant, $222,000

Miller Oil Co. Inc. to Global Montello Group Corp. 1.0633 acres, Par 2B Cypress Run-N/D, $1,746,475

Holly F. Leaman to Kimberly Lease, Par OB Jordan VA Hwy 644-N/D, $268,000

Colonial Funeral Home to RJLIII 2022 LLC, Lot 7 Sec 1, Smithfield Properties-T/S, $320,000

Christine Butterworth to Bensam Group Inc., 1/2 acre, Burwells Bay Road-H/D, $164,000

James A. Evans to Ducote Enterprises LLC, Inst. 11-1793 & Inst. 12-4424, $147,300

Eagle Construction to Christopher All Holm, Lot 357 Ph 7C, Cypress Creek-T/S, $580,023

John R. Moody Jr. to Thomas Neuweiler, Unit C, Bldg 800 Ph 9, Bridgewater Eagle Harbor, $218,000

Michelle L. McCurdy to Richard W. Parron, Unit AR Bldg. 2900 Ph 12, Bridgewater Eagle Harbor, $240,500

NVR Inc. to Angel L. Villanueva, Lot 247 Ph 8 Benns Grant, $431,280

Joyce Ann Hardy to Matthew Adams, 5.091 acres, Par 16 Ennisdale Farms-H/D, $50,000

Michael B. Stinson to Kenneth Cunningham, Lot 40, Carrollton Meadows, Sec 2-N/D, $415,000

Frederick Emory Wilson to Fandf Homes LLC, $39,900

Sidney D. Murphy Jr. to William A. Terry, parcel Trump Town Road-H/D, $25,000

Jonathan E. Vogel to James A. Crocker Sr., Unit 1 Ph 1, Lighthouse Commons, $250,000

Franklin M. Soriano Jr. to Franklin M. Soriano Jr., Parcel River Oaks, 7 Par JG Turner Residue-T/S, $0

Robert Paul McCadney to Virginia House Flip Company, Lot 6, Allendale Estates-H/D, $190,000

Traci-Marie Smith to Kepler A. Baksh, Lot 91 Ph 5, Benns Grant, $355,000

Donna D. Hayes to John Joseph Johnson III, Tr 1 & 2, Six Ponds Farm-H/D, $40,000

Ducote Enterprises LLC to Paxton Holdings VBT, Unit C Bldg. 300 Ph 21, Bridgewater, $188,000

Eddie Allison Jr. to Joshua W. Godwin, Parcel N, Court St-T/W, $260,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 232 Ph 9, Benns Grant, $115,500

Suzy Giordano to Lee Cressi, Lot 120 Ph2 Sec 2A, Founders Pointe-N/D, $610,000

Jonathan R. Shively to Brian K. Verdun Jr., Lot 127 Ph 4A, Benns Grant, $490,000

Adam R. Sassi to New Legacy Ventures LLC, 11.70 acres, Thomas Woods Tr-H/D, $485,500

Cypress Investment Holdings LLC, Lots 318 & 319 Ph 7B, Cypress Creek-T/S, $220,000

Robert E. Bogaard to Joshua Moulton, Lot 3, James Land-N/D, $450,000

  1. Randall Baker to Matthew Thomas, 33.786 acres, Par B, Jack U. Oglesby and 12.00 acres LSE-H/D, $390,000

Paul L. Jacques to Tyler D. Miller, Lot 99 Ph 3, Cypress Creek-T/S, $605,000

Oswaldo A. Malmaceda to Brandon Ranck, Lot 25 Ph 3 Sec 2, Croatan Landing, $265,000

Shirley Martin Wecht to Robert Hurt, Lot 13 & PT Lot 12, Carl Beale Prop-N/D, $305,000

Eureka Homes LLC to Shauna May Perdue, PT Lot 3, Howard P. Cobb-N/D, $350,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 421 & 422 Ph 10B2, Benns Grant, $129,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 235 Ph 9, Benns Grant, $115,500

Pablo Cruz Jr. to Scott C. Garnes, Lot 50, Waterford Oaks, $410,000

NVR Inc. to Damaris M. Parilla Fernandez, Lot 459 Ph 10B1, Benns Grant, $329,395

Frederick E. Wilson to You Properties LLC, 181 acres, adj. Lawns Creek Rd-H/D LSE, $600,000

Nathaniel W. McGuire to Karen J. Morrison, Par D1 & D2, Trumptown-H/D, $500,000

Kathryn D. Day to CDKN LTD LLC, Lot 2 WH Sykes Jr.-T/S, $51,250

Robert E. McNichols to Brittany N. Arthur, Lot 8 Blk D, The Laurels-N/D, $400,000

Rashad Holmes to Brian O. Alston, Lot 35, Jamestown Annex-W/D, $2,640

Wayne Hunt Jr. to Edmo Soares, Lot 43 Ph 3B, Benns Grant, $505,000

Moone Creek Associates to MCSF LLC, 96 acres, State Hwy No. 704, Harry B. Folk-N/D LSE, $3,219,560

Moone Creek Associates to MCSF LLC, 1.012 acres, Jackson 19¼ acres, adj Byrum 62½ acres, Lysander Holloway TR LSE, $7,530,495

Terry Companies Seven to MCSF LLC, 182.564 acres, Glenn S. Scott-N/D, $7,093,935

Maison Builders Inc. to James W. Wilkins, Lot 228 Ph 2 Sec 2D4, Founders Pointe-N/D, $568,984

Daniel T. Orie Sr. To Lynn M. Carreiro, Unit 77 Ph 24, Woodbridge, $256,000

Elisabeth H. Fuller to Reginald W. Batten, parcel, Holland Drive, $247,500

Larry M. Davis to Matthew Purcell, Unit 62 Ph 13, Woodbridge, $278,500

Kevin P. Brink to Michael Valderueda, Lot 64 Ph 4, Gatling Pointe South-N/D, $460,000

Mary F. Gregory to Falyn Nichole Terry, Lot 27, Winterberry Place-N/D, $360,000

William Jr. Morgan Jr. to Kevin G. Bohhenek, Lot 101 Ph3, Cypress Creek, $140,000

Julia H. Gillis to Cody D. Underwood, 10.6 acres, US Hwy No. 258-W/D, $86,500

NVR Inc. to Jennifer Orange, Lot 326 Ph 10A2, Benns Grant, $337,410

Joshua K. Grubb to Raven-Starr Blake, Lot 46 Sec 1, Cypress Creek, $595,000

Lucy G. Clay to Michael G. Smith, Slip 2, Pagan River Townhomes-0T/S, $500

Eagle Construction to James J. Welch, Lot 364 Ph 7C, Cypress Creek-T/S, $706,164

Equity Trustees LLC to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., Inst. 13-4355, $149,327

Jamario A. Davis to John P. Scherer III, Unit 307 Ph 7, Lakeview Cove, $217,400

Dave A. Freeman to Sheila Melendez, Lot 15 Ph 1A, Ashby-N/D, $383,000

NVR Inc. to Linda Carol Jones, Lot 325 Ph 10A2, Benns Grant, $340,615

Steven Fieldler Jr. to Dylan E. Joyner, 3.851 acres, Luther C. Smith-N/D, $405,000

NVR Inc. to Jean Dennery Fortune, Lot 245 Ph 8, Benns Grant, $471,365

NVR Inc. to Shaunte Hitchcock-Williams, Lot 460 Ph 10B1, Benns Grant, $314,380

1604 LLC to Cubed Investments LLC, Lot 15 Blk. H, Grimesland-T/S Inst. 19-0375, $365,000

Robert P. Pitsenbarger to David J. Dean, Lot 14 Ph 5, Gatling Pointe South-N/D, $950,000

NVR Inc. to Venecia Hayes, Lot 461 Ph 10B1, Benns Grant, $287,210

Oliver Brickhouse to Resquiveles LLC, Lot 2, Southfield-T/W, $45,000

Oliver Brickhouse to Resquiveles LLC, Lot 3, Southfield-T/W, $45,000

Oliver Brickhouse to Resquiveles LLC, Lot 4, Southfield-T/S, $45,000

Harold U. Blythe to Kayley A. Rethamel, 4.641 acres, Duke Meadows Lane-W/D, $240,000

Wellington M. Burton to Amanda L. Crumpler, 2.02 acres, VA Hwy. 616 & 2.02 acres, James I. Hunter-W/D, $230,000

Almond Contracting & …to Southeastern Property Management, Lots 42 & 43, Jamestown Annex & Washington Ave., $55,000