Luter has been  good to town

Published 4:56 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I wish to preface this letter to make clear that I do not know Mr. Joseph Luter III, nor his plans for Grange at 10Main. However, if you are opposed to his unknown plans or are apprehensive, may I suggest you take a tour of Smithfield?

Take in the beautiful structures of the corporate offices he built when he moved them to Smithfield. Notice the structures of the civic center and the little theater to which he heavily donated. Actually tour the Luter YMCA, which was a portion of an empty old high school.

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Have the pleasure of walking the trails of Windsor Castle Park. Ride out 258 and take in the Luter Sports Complex rather than just ride past it. These, as well as numerous other projects, have brought back vitality to Smithfield.

After seeing these enhancements Mr. Luter has made possible for our community, why would you expect anything less? Mr. Luter does not build cheap.

You may not know or may have forgotten that one fall in the mid-1980s, Main Street was headed toward being a ghost town. Mr. Luter arranged to have the five or six vacant storefront windows decorated for Christmas to bring hope and encouragement to the surviving businesses, and cheer to the citizens.

Since that time, he has poured his heart and money into making his childhood hometown a place that we can all be proud to call our home.


Harriet Hines