Some facts about school ‘resources’

Published 7:45 pm Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

The “special” Isle of Wight County School Board meeting on April 19 was predictable. It only solidified what many in Isle of Wight already know: The majority of this board has no interest in hearing from the community if it opposes their political views.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the ‘“learning resources” that Mrs. Heidi Swartz was appealing, her argument was well formed and her questions were not answered.

  • FACT: The book “All American Boys” was purchased to “create courageous conversations,” a much promoted goal of the Virginia Department of Education’s (rescinded) EdEquityVA initiative.
  • FACT: The digital application “Discovery Education” was purchased for $51,000 to promote equity and help build cultural competencies, also goals of the (rescinded) EdEquityVA.
  • FACT: Topics available in “Discovery Education” are specifically identified in Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s Executive Order-One.
  • FACT: Despite obvious violations of Executive Order-One, the IWCS board refuses to act.

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Some attempt to defend these materials with the claim that CRT is not being “taught” in IWCS.  While I agree there is no formal curriculum to “teach” CRT in IWCS, providing materials such as those mentioned in Swartz’s appeal “plants the ideological seed,” which creates divisive discussions (courageous conversations) between students, teachers and parents — by design.

Ironically, some have proclaimed parents sharing concerns with Swartz are “racist,” “divisive” and “bringing politics into our schools.” To these accusations I say, nonsense!

We concerned citizens are attempting to remove the divisive, racist, Marxist ideology (CRT) and liberal political mindsets that have been trickling into our schools for years. Only recently have parents realized what is happening and are now pushing back.

Most don’t want their children socially engineered or groomed to accept an ideology based on racism, sexual orientation or any other label. Most don’t want their little boy/girl being told it’s “perfectly normal” to identify as the opposite gender. Most don’t want their kids growing up to think our country is systemically racist and all cops are bad.

If you are not “most” parents and want to raise your children to categorize and label others, then do it at home and let teachers focus on academics!


Jason P. Maresh