IW County land transfers for April

Published 6:46 pm Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The following land transfers were recorded in the Isle of Wight County Circuit Court during April:

Booth Cobb Media LLC to James River Crossings Inc., 12.237 acres, State Hwy. 663, PT Ivey Ruth Turner-N/D, $1,125,000

NVR Inc. to Mark Garrick, Lot 355, PH 10A2 Benns Grant, $322,540

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NVR Inc. to Tyler Bernard Langford, Lot 506 PH 10B1 Benns Grant, $296,055

Timothy N. Lee to Jack H. Williams Jr., Lot 6, James Landing-N/D, $465,000

NVR Inc. to Zachary Lockwood Taylor, Lot 507, PH 10B1, Benns Grant, $286,080

Matthew A. Brooks to Robert P. Harvey, 24 Dashiell Dr., Smithfield, 2.19 acres, Parcel A William R. Moore-T/S, $550,000

Eagle Construction of Virginia to David R. Hommell, Lot 226, PH 5, Cypress Creek-T/S, $939,017

Canyon Properties LLC to Johnny McNair, 2 acres, Hwy. 620 ADJ S.A. Whitley Est. Prop-N/D, $340,000

James River Crossings Inc. to 7KS LLC, Parcels F & G The Crossings, $1,150,000

Taylor Meyn to Joseph L. Barefoot, 1.004 acres, PAR A Clifton Edwards Est-H/D, $295,000

James Baxter Berryhill to Timothy L. Delia, Lot 7, CL Obrey-N/D, $380,000

Perry T. Soesbee Jr. to Kevin Maspons, Lot 23, BLK G Sec 3, Moonefield Estates-T/S, $369,000

33110 Jenkins Mill Road to Larry N. Cooper, 26.762 acres, Marvin R. Munford Jenkins Mill-W/D, $465,000

Mirna B. Misseri to Sanzio Properties LLC, PAR Sec. 2, Stewart and Hold-W/D, $45,000

NVR Inc. to Samuel C. Atkins, Lot 244 PH 8, Benns Grant, $440,505

Johanna B. O’Toole to Kelly Casey Holbrook, Lot 220 PH 2, Sec. 2D-4 Founders Pointe-N/D, $625,000

Douglas R. Gordon to Hugh Mitchener IV, Lot 21, PH1, Founders Pointe-N/D, $580,000

James River Crossings Inc. to JRC APB LLC, 1.453 acres, PAR E, The Crossings-N/D, $750,000

Jacqueline Dawn Easley to Candace Freeman, Lot 23, Central Hill-H/D, $25,000

David M. Bocanegra to Michael M. Chafee, Lot 9 BLK A, Grimesland-T/S, $365,009

Nicholas W. Savage to James Watson Jr., 4.723 acres, Lot 1, Sec. 1, Kings Land-H/D, $565,000

Emil D. Denlinger to Scott Michael Perry, Unit 19, PH7, Lighthouse Commons Eagle Harbor, $265,500

NVR Inc. to Leaundre Leonard Johnson, Lot 356, PH 10A-2, Benns Grant, $309,385

Dwight and Doris Beasley to Dusty S. Gaskins, 9401 Rivershore Drive, 2.18 acres, Irvin T. Whitley & ADD-N/D, $205,000

Howard H. Anderson to Shanna M. Hitchman, Lot 307, PH 3A, Founders Pointe-N/D, $710,000

Rene Gali Albino to Rykeshia D. Haygood, Lot 212, PH 2 Sec. 2D2, Founders Pointe-N/D, $550,000

Chase Lee Cali to Olivia Dingus, Lot 65, Sec. 2, Cannon Acres, $314,000

Richard E. Bailey to Kaja Joanna Pelka, Lot 20, PH 1, Holland Meadows-T/W, $365,000

Alton H. Gwaltney to Christopher C. Joyner, 82 acres, ADJ Ivan H. Gwaltney-H/D, $227,000

William F. Minga Jr. to Ashlee Guilford, 0.38 acres, Boundary Spivey Town Road, $5,000

John C. Hicks to Sagiv Michaeli, Unit 106, PH 25, Lighthouse Commons, $285,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., PH 9, Benns Grant, $115,500

David K. Webster Jr. to Clement Regan, 420 Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield, TR 80, Sec. 4, Smithfield Properties, $480,000

Kelley T. Healey to Michael W. Bryant, 9161 Whispering Pines Trail, Windsor, 8.291 acres, $125,000

Margaret G. Whitley to Monica Shyam Barot, 35.52 acres, PT Robert Allen Johnson Jr-W/D, $260,000

Nathan D. Miller to Brandon Lee Allen, Lot 31, Sec. 4B, Wrenns Mill Estates-H/D, $336,000

Willkris Services LLC to Marcellus Kashin, Lot 36 & PT Lot 37, Sec. 13, Red Point Heights-T/S, $479,900

Patricia K. Phillips to Mirinda McNair, Lot 40, Sec. 2, Cannon Acres, $315,000

Old Dominion Construction Inc. to William J. Egan Jr., Lot 2, Commodore Pointe-N/D, $120,000

William M. Harness II to Louis Patalano, Smithfield, remainder 10 acres, ST Hwy., 654 Major T. Manning-N/D, $485,000

NVR Inc. to Wanda Lacher Puzzle, Lot 242, PH 8, Benns Grant, $471,811

Barbara J. Hunter to Brenda J. Crofts, boundary line adjustment, Raynor Road, $3,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 438, 439 and 441, PH 10B2, Benns Grant, $223,200

David Jernigan Jr. to Charles J. Riley, Lot 8, Sec. 1, Booker T. Estates-N/D, $315,000

NVR Inc. to Alexander Jones III, Lot 484, PH 10B1, Benns Church, $320,530

Susan Carr-Dow to Kimberly Jo Lozano, Lot 47, Sec. 2, Carrolton Meadows-N/D, $435,000

Amanda K. Burbage to Jeremy Jim Brown, 22077 Haynes Lane, Carrollton, Lot 4 PL Haynes SR-N/D, $220,000

James S. Eilberg to F and S Windsor 21 LLC, 21.760 C US RT 460, Sutton A. Burroughs-T/W, $300,000

Eagle Construction of Virginia to Paul A. Buckley, Lot 360, PH 7C, Cypress Creek-T/S, $697,832

Maison Builders Inc. to Michael Gil, Lot 288, PH 2, Sec. 2D-1, Founders Pointe-N/D, $574,663

Byron B. Bailey to Owen J. Kiser, Lot 143, Sec. 2, James River Shores-N/D, $640,000

Bryan Brooks to Eduardo Carlos Ocana Galbraith, 14295 Bethel Church, Smithfield, Lot 3, Mary E. Holloway-H/D, $310,000

Justin Robert Hall to Wayne Blanks, 19635 Battery Park Road, Smithfield, Lot 8, Marl Homes-N/D, $375,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Clearview Homes VA LLC, Lot 4, BLK D, Sykes-T/S, $129,800

NVR Inc. to Alexis Rogers, Lot 487, PH 10B1, Benns Grant, $301,635

NVR Inc. to Karon Hicks Scott, Lot 223, PH 8, Benns Grant, $462,847

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 415 & 416, PH 10B2, Benns Grant, $129,600

Kerri L. Kuhnke to Felicia McCauley, Lot 112, TR 2 PH 3, Eagle Harbor-N/D, $425,000

Jeremy L. Mills to Edward A. Jackson, Lot 50, Brewers Creek-N/D, $365,000

Ricky L. Johnson to Ricky L. Johnson, 14191 Waterworks Road, Smithfield, $25,000

Lindsay Kelly to Jeffrey Andrew Evans, Lot 482, PH 10B-1, Benns Grant, $305,000

Harry G. Dashiell III to Daniel Montgomery, Lot 1 and 2, Bailey Prop-T/S, $260,000

Brad D. Parker to Michael H. Trussell, Lot 21, Gatling Pointe South, PH 5-N/D, $555,000

Chad S. Kiser to Alexander Mock, 10278 Old Myrtle Road, Carrsville, Lot 13, Aston Mahnor-W/D, $450,000

Dennis Russell Payne to William Eugene Bunn III, 21630 Old Gum Tree Rd., Zuni, 21 acres, Oar A, Wyland Prop-H/D, $290,000

NVR Inc. to Darrius Hunter, Lot 22, PH 102A, Benns Grant, $341,585

Michael P. Higgins to Ruth-Joy Rodriguez, Lot 3, Sec. 4, Smithfield Heights-H/D, $335,000

Clifford C. Souder to Travis Arnex Harris, Lot 289, PH 2, Sec. 2D1, Founders Pointe-N/D, $655,000

Jason J. Norville to Lorraine A. Schlichte, Lot 14, Winterberry Place West-N/D, $525,500

NVR Inc. to Antwan Powell, Lot 486, PH 10B-1, Benns Grant, $302,480

Brian Eugene Buss to George Jay, 20580 Reynolds Dr., Carrollton, 1.382 acres, PAR 1, Farley Prop/Lot 2B, Norsworthy-N/D, $358,000

William C. Harris to Daniel B. Johnson Jr., 6518 Mill Swamp Rd., Ivor, Lot 1, Mill Swamp Rd.-H/D, $145,805

James H. Hence to Artiom V. Korolov, Lot 193, PH 2, Sec. 2B, Founders Pointe-N/D, $605,000

Clark D. Swindell to Byron Bauer, 12158 Six Ponds Lane, Smithfield, TR 18, Six Ponds Farm-H/D, $483,500

Arthur E. Gurganus III to James Ensley, Lot 10, Rollingwood-N/D, $252,350

James S. Groves Jr. to Kyle George Bentley, 205 Red Point Drive, Smithfield, Lot 20 and Part Lot 21, Carl Beale, $441,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 236, PH 9, Benns Grant, $116,060

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 407 & 408, PH 10B2, Benns Grant, $129,600

Christopher R. Williams to Jeremy Scott Carriker, Lot 15, PH 5, Gatling Pointe South-N/D, $835,000

NVR Inc. to Melinda Carrie Bailey, Lot 321, PH 10A 2, Benns Grant, $326,000

Carrie T. Bruce to Sandra Jane Hahn, Lot 3, Sec. 2, Moonefield Park-T/S, $300,000

Bandb Rentals LLC to Larry Michael Morris, Lot 2A, Sec. L, addition Rushmere Shores Inc-H/D, $510,000

Jana F. Pecherek to Brandon Dove, 5.2 acres, Moonefield-N/D, $496,000

Barbara Butler to Danny Morgan, Lot 5, Lakeside Heights-N/D, $43,000

Uzoma S. Ikonne to Irving Jacob Goodwin Jr., Lot 35, PH 1, Holland Meadows-T/S, $372,000

Jennifer L. Rorie to Kurt Edmund Beach, Lot 26, Morris Creek Landing, $245,000

Wilton N. Wells II to House Buyers of America Inc., Lot 14, William B. Black-N/D, $66,000

David L. Conlon to Yatna Sanchez, 16140 Muddy Cove Circle, Carrollton, Lot B C L Obrey Prop-N/D, $360,000

Alexander D. Layden to William Doyle, 3103 Bridgewater Drive, Carrollton, Unit B, BLDG 3100, PH 24, Bridgewater, $255,000

Lori May Moore to Veronica Garry, BLDG 16, Unit 4, PH 4, Villas of Smithfield-T/S, $285,000

Tommy Joe Boyers to Jeffrey W. Burkholder, 7501 Rhodes Drive, Windsor, Two parcels, Johnny Lee Cook-W/D, $200,000

Terri Jo Wilson to James Albert Mayhem Jr., Lot 24, James Landing-N/D, $536,000

Charles R. Bauer to Spearpoint Investment Group LLC, 11220 Shelter Cove, Smithfield, 5.336 acres, PAR A Paul N. Carrithers Inc.-H/D, $222,000

Andrea M. Atkinson to Jessica Lewis, Lot 449, PH 10A-1, Benns Grant, $305,000

NVR Inc. to Dion W. Smith, Lot 485, PH 10B-1, Benns Grant, $313,500

Mary S. Williams to Paul F. Saunders, 3.19 acres, Raymond M. Arthur Prop-N/D, $258,750

Beatrice R. Wise to Domingo Flores-Rosas, 201 Council Road, Franklin, Lot 102, Jamestown-W/D, $50,000

Tracy Crowley to Samuel John Mauney Jr., 3 acres, William Richardson Lee Sr. Estate-N/D, $130,000

Anne English to Sheryl Paige Pennington, Lot 12, Block H, Riverview-T/S, $315,000

Joseph M. Baillargeon to Heather C. Guilfoyle, PAR C, Lakeside Heights-T/S, $202,056

Tamara Sue Derrick to Nikoilai Detrick, 108 Cary St., Smithfield, $190,000

Cypress Investment Holdings to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, Lots 324 & 325, PH 7B, Cypress Creek-T/S, $230,000

TN Contracting Realty to Ulysses Cabral, 16183 Scotts Factory Road, Smithfield, Lot 2, William B. Black Prop-N/E LSE, $217,000