Top 7 Reasons to Bet on The Florida Gators in the Regular Season

Published 4:51 pm Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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From the swamps of Gainesville, FL, emerges the Florida Gators—one of the many contenders in American college football representing the University of Florida. Clad in orange and royal blue, they are sure to commence as victors in every game and produce the most skilled, professional football players for the NFL teams. 

But who are the Gators, and what makes them the perfect winning team? What exactly is their legacy on the playing field? If you are gearing to stake your money and garner generous profits in football betting games, here are seven reasons to bet on the Florida Gators in this year’s regular season:

Illustrious History

Before enlisting your support in any team, reviewing their list of achievements and studying their history in the field is widely regarded as imperative. It is even more crucial in betting, for a good sum of your money is at stake. But worry not, for the Florida Gators are an accomplished team with an illustrious history that never disappoints. 

The Gators recently bagged eight SEC titles and twenty-five division titles. They also won the national championship thrice in 1996, 2006, and 2008. Additionally, the team is highly known for its award-winning quarterbacks, with three QBs bagging the Heisman Trophy in 1966, 1996, and 2007.

Talented Roster and NFL Draft Picks

Another measure of a team’s merit is its roster of players and NFL draft picks. Essentially, the more skilled the players are, the more they are likely to win collegiate matches and proceed to the NFL. As such, the Florida Gators are highly known for maintaining a talented roster and enlisting many players in professional teams during the annual NFL draft.

The current starters include QB Anthony Richardson, RB Lorenzo Lingard, and OL Michael Tarquin in the offense. Meanwhile, OLB Brenton Cox Jr., DE Princely Umanmielen, and DTs Gervon Dexter and Desmond Watson handle the defense. Additionally, the recent NFL draft picks from the team were CB Kaiir Elam, DT Zachary Carter, and RB Dameon Pierce.

So, if you’re planning to engage in the 2022 NFL betting as well, don’t forget the draft picks from the Gators.

Offensive-Minded Play

Everybody loves a bold, assertive team that lands back-to-back scores. While others may prioritize strong defense, some propose that a good offense is actually the best defense. In any case, the Gators are surely agreeable if you like an offensive-minded play!

With a coaching staff that prides major focus on offense, the Florida Gators is one of the collegiate teams known for an extensive offensive background. They follow a 12-personnel offense scheme that boasts versatility and flexibility. 

Better and Tougher Defense

After last year’s consecutive losses and budding pressure, the Florida Gators developed a sore spot in their defense. But under the new defense coordinators Patrick Toney and Sean Spencer, the Gators are slowly but surely building a better and tougher defense.  

The return of defensive players DT Gervon Dexter and LBs Brenton Cox Jr. and Ventrell Miller is also a glimmer of hope for the team’s better defensive performance. So in the NFL Regular Season, expect the Gators to have a rigid and unyielding defense line.

A Brighter Future Under Billy Napier

Just last November 2021, the Florida Gators hired Billy Napier as the new head coach after Dan Mullen’s expulsion. It finally led to the much-needed leadership change and hope for a brighter future for the team, including a shift in both its offensive and defensive lines.

Named Coach of the Year in 2019 (Sun Belt Conference) and 2020 (Louisiana Sports Writer Association), Napier is widely regarded as a talented coach who took his teams to remarkable heights through a culture of discipline, strong relations, and unending desire for growth.

Rising Star QB Anthony Richardson

A team is never complete without a star player. While the group’s success does lie in every member, there is always an emerging presence that serves as the very force in boosting team morale and performance. That may be rising star quarterback Anthony Richardson.

A favorite starter and viable candidate to receive the 2022 Heisman Trophy, Richardson consistently displays an impressive performance and constant growth on the playing field. Currently, he averages 8.3 yards per pass and 7.9 yards per rush attempt with a 6:5 touchdown to interception ratio.

They Are Stronger Than Ever 

Lately, the Florida Gators have had a rocky performance, consisting of several losses and mounting pressure. However, upon them is a new era—with the authority shift, return of key players, and changes in the team’s culture, the Gators will bounce back stronger than ever.

So if you are a beginner to football betting, know that the Florida Gators are well on the right path towards more victories and explosive success. With their ceaseless commitment, they have become a strong, formidable team worthy of your bet.  

Final Thoughts

For the reasons discussed above and more, the NFL draft picks from the Florida Gators are, without a doubt, accomplished and skilled enough to assure your profits and give you the best football fan experience like no other. So in the NFL Regular Season, try your luck and wager on the mighty Gators!