Dirty politics targets Kiggans

Published 6:48 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Does anyone else see a hidden agenda being waged against Jen Kiggans? Where is all the money coming from for the negative mailers flooding our mailboxes?

I can see her primary opponent sending out a negative piece, but then that’s Mr. Jarome Bell’s M.O. Telling half-truths and making false accusations against someone he trails in the polls is his political bent.

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What experience does he have in holding any elected local or state position? Besides claiming to love Trump and accusing Jen of being a “RINO,” just what’s his specific platform? Mr. Bell says he will do whatever Trump wants. Really? If we want unquestioning followers who vote pure party line, isn’t that mimicking “Little Bo Pelosi’s” flock of sheep?

Personally, I want someone who carefully reads the small print, understands both short- and long-term consequences and then votes on impactful legislation. A thinker not a follower.

But Mr. Bell’s negative mailers aren’t the only ones. Who is this newly registered “Freedom American PAC” in Lynchburg? With a funding source in Florida typically associated with George Soros! However, they are rather clever; they picture Jen between two totally incompetent politicians, Biden and Pelosi. Then add insult when they refer to my conservative friend as “radical liberal.” That’s pure bull bunk!

State Sen. Jen Kiggans represents Virginia Beach, yet she has gone out of her way to assist our county in its efforts to get a hospital. Plus, she’s assisted county board members in reaching the governor’s office on other important legislative issues. She is a conservative who believes in the Constitution as written, not selectively interpreted.

She believes that the First Amendment allows for free speech, but not indoctrination of our children. She has lived “God, Family and Country,” is currently serving in the state Senate but wishes to be our U.S. congresswoman representing Virginia’s new 2nd Congressional District.

And yes, fellow Isle of Wight voters, we are in the new 2nd District. If you’re a registered Republican, please vote in the June 21 Republican Primary and please vote for Jen Kiggans.  She needs to replace Elaine Luria in November.


Dick Grice