IW County land transfers for May

Published 6:35 pm Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The following land transfers were recorded in the Isle of Wight County Circuit Court during May:

BDE Enterprises LP to Brian David Eyler, 15131 Evening Court, Carrollton, $108,900

Carolyn Owens to Carolyn Owens, 21247 Orbit Road, Windsor, decree of divorce, $172,000

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Chad R. Post to Jose Pettaway, Lot 386, PH 2A, Cypress Creek, $675,000

Edward J. Gunteski to John F. Boseman, 15419 Mills Pointe Lane, Windsor, 11.2012 acres, Larry S. Sanders Prop-W/D, $900,000

CRP LC to Tony R. Billings, 21930 Waterhaven Pt., Carrollton, PAR 2, David A. Clark Prop-N/D, $135,000

Dewey E. Proctor to Alan E. Casteen, 506 Jordan Ave., Smithfield, Lot on 10 adj Wendell G. Williams-N/D, $185,000

Marie Stephenson to Amanda Catherine Worcester, 14523 Mill Swamp Road, Smithfield, 3.459 acres, $485,000

Mariah D. Agee to Nico D. Corbo,12775 Nike Park Road, Carrollton, Lot 3, $296,000

NVR Inc. to Isis Keyona Eaton, 204 Jordan House Drive, Smithfield, Lot 508 PH 10B-1 Benns Grant, $333,845

James Richard Duck to Beatriz Torres Naranjo, 31447 Jenkins Mill Road, Franklin, 22.961 acres, $224,900

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 190 & 196, PH 9, Benns Grant, $232,120

Othneil Glen Jordan to Kimberly A. Lease, 15041 Turner Road, Smithfield, 4.22 acres, $23,200

Herbert E. Bevan III to Kenneth A. Filiaggi, 106 Beale Ave., Smithfield, Lot 17, Red Point Heights-T/S, $75,000

Eagle Construction of Virginia to Rayetta Diggs, 101 Ayrshire Loop, Smithfield, Lot 114 PH 5, Sec. 1, Cypress Creek-T/S, $567,401

James W. Baker to Christopher R. Renfro, 109 Lenora Cove, Smithfield, Lot 30, Sec. 6, Moone Plantation-T/S, $466,000

Jeffrey M. Rogers to Barry K. Jennings, 116 Gleneagles, Smithfield, Lot 291A PH B, Cypress Creek-T/S, $149,000

Saravanaku Chandran to Yvonne D. Robinson, 303 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield, Lot 280, PH 1A, Benns Grant, $485,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Carlesi Construction Inc., 15405 Mills Pointe Lane, Windsor, Lot 182, PH 2, Sec. 2B, Founders Pointe-N/D, $250,000

  1. Felton Beale to Charles D. Copeland, 20520 Sand Pit Road, Zuni, 1.011 acres, $67,500

Kevin A. Pendleton to David J. Brooks, 13165 Lake Pointe Drive, Carrollton, Lot 104, TR 2 PH 3, Eagle Harbor-N/D, $442,000

Helen M. Saunders to Kendal Rapp, 307 Watson Drive, Smithfield, Lot 3, Sec. 6, Moonfield Estates-T/S, $316,075

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 188, PH 9, Benns Church, $116.600

Jerri K. Powell to Joseph J. Anastasi, 13453 Prince Andrew, Carrollton, Unit 59, PH 13, Woodbridge, $297,500

Gail B. West to Gail B. West, 21183 Titus Creek, Carrollton, Parcel Hwy. 668, $213,500

Thomas T. Wright Jr. to Kenneth J. Pettit, 244 Wellington Circle, Smithfield, Lot 183, PH 4, Wellington Park-T/S, $425,000

Rebecca R. Parker to Rebecca R. Parker, 27500 Colosse Road, Carrsville, Parcel Rt. 641 George Parker Prop-WD, $124,000

Felecia M. Wilson to Noble Drew Ali Learning Center, 5.179 acres, PAR 6, George H. Smth Sr. EST-H/D, $35,000

Ryan S. Gray to Michael Zimmerman, 20392 Todd Ave., Battery Park, $280,000

Lance K. Webster to Jason Daniel, 22676 Tradewinds Drive, Carrollton, Lot 221, TR 2, PH 6, Eagle Harbor, $445,000

NVR Inc. to Rasheeda Peele, 912 Turner Landing Way, Smithfield, Lot 230, PH 9, Benns Grant, $501,650

Eagle Construction of Virginia to Darrell C. Wesner, 413 St. Andrews, Smithfield, Lot 67, PH 6, Sec. 1, Cypress Creek-T/S, $502,982

Melinda B. Fielding to David Ray Garner, 13270 Eagle Ridge Road, Carrollton, Lot 5, Eagle Harbor PAR 7-N/D, $480,000

Amory L. Williams to Loyal D. Soles, 1615 Wilson Road, Smithfield, Lot 5, Crabtree Townhouses-T/S, $200,000

Adrienne Royes to Cedar Homes Investments LLC, PAR A & B, Joyce L. Tunnell-H/D, $150,000

Edward R. Holdsworth to Riverside Healthcare Association, Parsonage Lot Benns Methodist-N/D, $593,750

Ann S. Avery to Riverside Healthcare Association, PAR State Hwy. 10 adj Parsonage-N/D, $356,250

Stanley Alexander foster to Robert R. Polson III, 208 Oakwood Lane, Smithfield, Lot 42, Sec 2, Wrenns Mill Estates-H/D, $362,500

Mario M. Manfree to Dustin Lee Armstrong, 13128 Lighthouse Lane, Carrollton, Lot 145, TR 2, PH 4, Eagle Harbor-N/D, $483,000

Mandi Elizabeth Williard to Bobby R. Vick, 30300 Walters Highway, Carrsville, 1 acre, Ella L. Lowe-W/D, $1,000

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Paramount Investments LLC, 09-1575, $204,000

NVR Inc. to Purshara Church, 928 Turner Landing Way, Smithfield, Lot 234, PH 9, Benns Grant, $461,720

NVR Inc. to Queen Campbell, 202 Bowler Way, Smithfield, Lot 424, PH 10B2, Benns Grant, $328,795

Ernie E. Momper to Samantha Lynne Miller, 213 Clay St., Smithfield, Lot 11, BLK E, Riverview, $260,000

Timothy H. Henry to Amy L. Henry, 18072 Leaman Lane, Windsor, PAR C1, JR Leaman Jr. Family Trust-N/D, $35,000

Toni D. Dean to Joshua W. Stokes, 800 Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield, Lot 130, PH B, Scots Landing-T/S, $539,900

Shelby Lee Kent to Timothy Shane Forsythe, 215 River Oaks Lane, Smithfield, Parcel 48B, $880,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 411 & 412, PH 10B2, Benns Grant, $129,600

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc. Lots 442, 443, 444 & 445, PH 10B2, Benns Grant, $223,200

Michael McMullin to Christopher Anthony Jacobs, 102 Ships Landing, Carrollton, Lot 298, PH 2, Sec 2D1, Founders Pointe, $750,000

BB Bailey Realty and Appraisals to Austin R. Connell, 12311 Smiths Neck Road, Carrollton, 12311 Smiths Neck-N/D, $169,000

Lester Allen Stilley Jr. to David Joaquim, 0.588 acres, Burwells Bay Road-H/D, $125,000

Daniel J. Cohen to Melinda Groom, 3207 Bridgewater Drive, Carrollton, Unit AR, BLDG 3200, PH 10, Bridgewater, $269,700

William A. Brothers to Linda Lubecki, 108 Tigers Eye, Smithfield, Lot 379A, PH 2A, Cypress Creek, $250,000

Donald E. Owens to Bonnie Biocchi, 436 Evergreen Way, Smithfield, Lot 44, Aspen Woods-T/S, $430,000

Wesley A. Anderson to Corey D. Depaula, .73 acres, adj Seaboard Airline Railway Company-W/D, $54,000

Dr. Horton Inc. to Marilyn Leann Smith, 313 Saint Andrews, Smithfield, Lot 8, PH 6, Sec. 1, Cypress Creek, $735,990

Moonlight Properties LLC to Anthony Paul Brown, 212 Jordan Drive, Smithfield, Lot 5, Sec. 7, Carl Beale-T/S, $350,000

Leonard E. Reid to William C. Sawyer Sr., Lot 21, Sec. 3, James River Heights-N/D, $475,000

Matthew T. Gross to Paul J. Dillard, 15390 Gayle Way, Carrollton, 1.29 acres, $261,100

Stephanie E. Hite to David Fitch, 10715 White House Road, Smithfield, TR 2, Six Ponds Farm South-H/D, $415,000

Harry L. Bandy Jr. to Jacob Moody, 200 Keswick Place, Smithfield, Lot 175, Sec. 5, Waterford Oaks-T/S, $600,000

Nicholaus A. Zimmerman to John Paul Stuart, 1305 Rivers Arch, Carrollton, Unit 1305, BLDG 1300, PH 4, Bridgewater, $235,000

Landon D. Pittman to Douglas Eckert, 400 Quillens Point Lane, Smithfield, Lot 10, Henry E. Layden-H/D, $450,000

Dianne Spruillin Stallings to Barry Gilbert, 210 Ridgeland Drive, Smithfield, Parcel Ridgeland Drive-T/S, $345,000

Frederic Batchelor to Spencer Torrey Hill, 11109 Park Place, Smithfield, Lot 22, Sec. 1C, Gatling Pointe South-N/D, $461,500

Marilyn K. Lockery to Kenneth R. Shoemaker, 20298 Clayton Lane, Zuni, Parcel Hwy. No. 460-H/D, $260,000

HHJV LLC to Marie Stephenson, 302 Durham St., Smithfield, Lot 11B, PH 1, Church Square, $310,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 243 PH 8, Lot 238, PH 9, Bens Grant, $217,120

Timothy Shane Forsythe to Blake McNiece, 210 Summerhouse Lane, Carrollton, Lot 97, Phase 2, Sec. 2C, Founders Pointe-N/D, $610,000

James R. Landry Jr. to Karin Ute Kirmes, 13414 High Gate Mews, Carollton, Unit 42, PH 3, Woodbridge, $275,000

Eagle Contruction of Virginia to Stephen J. Kmiec III, 1008 Cypress Creek Parkway, Smithfield, Lot 256, PH 5, Cypress Creek-T/S, $729,000

Leon K. Goley to Michael James Crow, 2153 Carrsville Highway, Franklin, Parcel US Hwy 58 ADJ Raymond E. Holland-W/D, $175,000

H&E Farms LLC to Glen Haven LLC, 8135 W. Blackwater Road, Windsor, 125 acres ADJ SL Gwaltney LSE & 45 acres ADJ Deanie Crocker-H/D LSE, $220,000

James R. Hayes to David Pickett, 12155 Fenwood Court, Smithfield, 14.05 acres, Luther P. Myers Highway 669-N/D, $220,000

Clayton Lee Shaw to Maryann A. Majcher, 138 Asbury Way, Smithfield, Lot 166, PH 6, Benns Grant, $485,000

Kathleen Moore to Stanley Alexander Foster, 1162 Windsor Way, Windsor, Lot 32, Windsor Woods-W/D, $450,000

Jared E. Schimizzi to Haileigh E. Phillips, 24 N. Court St., Windsor, Parcel, Court Street-T/W, $325,000

Michael J. Hilligoss to Christopher A. Smiley, 161 Liberty Way, Carrollton, Lot 41, PH 1, Founders Pointe-N/D, $580,000

Christian K. Pratt to Kylene Elizabeth Clairdge, Lot 9, PH 1, Queen Annes Court-N/D, $172,000

Timothy J. Collier to Richard K. Moore, 105 Commodore Lane, Smithfield, Lot 3, Commodore Pointe-N/D, $775,000

Jana F. Pecherek to Beach Cove Builders LLC, Lot 6, BLK I, Section 3, Moonefield Estates-N/D, $85,000

Lansing J. Davis to Jeremy Hugh Rogers, 114 Muirfield, Smithfield, Lot 137, PH 4B, Cypress Creek-T/S, $669,900

Benjamin Wappelhorst to Steven Derry, 112 Granville Arch, Smithfield, Lot 34, PH 1, Wellington Park-T/S, $551,518

Willkris Services LLC to Kevin C. Byrd, 211 Wainwright Drive, Smithfield, Lot 37, Section 13, Red Point Heights-T/S, $319,900

Dr. Horton Inc. to Jeffrey Allen Irwin, 209 Saint Andrews, Smithfield, Lot 3, PH 6, Section 1, Cypress Creek-T/S, $576,190

Benjamin R. Boomer to Heather Marie Vann, 13199 Poor House Road, Windsor, 5 acres, Route 692 & PAR JA, $320,000

  1. Earl Griffin to Ryan H. Bugg, 13.592 acres, PAR 2, Griffin-N/D, $180,000

Eric Michael Smith to Jackson Robert Demello, 26508 Spivey Town Road, Windsor, 1.237 acres & 0.762 acres, John R. Spivey-W/D, $212,000

Brett W. Vaughn to Raymond A. Ciccone, Lot 75 Lawnes Point of the James-H/D, $66,000

Ian Trott to Byyuyu Del Manuel, 13477 Ashley Park, Carrollton, Lot 35, TR 1, PH 2, Eagle Harbor, $503,500

Daughtry-Rodgers, Od to HP Music & Arts LLC, Lot 54, Jamestown-W/D, $50,000

Joan S. Lovett to Shawn Burgess, 27 Church St., Windsor, Lot 1, Lucy B. Roberts Prop-T/W, $240,000

Sara W. McKay to Eric Gallegos, 13181 Duck Cove Court, Carrollton, Lot 55, TR 2, PH 1, Eagle Harbor, $410,000

Jerry J. Anderson to Troy J. Antoine, 1017 Whippingham Parkway, Carrollton, Lot 121, Section 1, Carisbrooke, $358,000

Tracey L. Brown to Joel Luke Hatfield, 417 Kendall Haven, Smithfield, Lot 54, Section 1, Moone Plantation-T/S, $270,000

CCS Virginia LLC to Eleazar Estrada, 2 acres, N. Court Street-W/D, $87,000

David G. Rose to Christopher Daniel Maroules, 1808 James River Trail, Carrollton, Unit A, BLDG 1800, PH 31, Bridgewater at Eagle Harbor, $250,000