Which famous musicians are fans of gambling in the casino? The best gambling music

Published 3:34 pm Monday, September 12, 2022

Melody of Victory: The Best Music to Listen to While Gambling

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Nothing is so liberating as good music, and the right melody can relieve exhaustion and anxiety. It is known that many famous artists are not afraid of a good holiday, often associating their leisure time with profitable gambling entertainment. Today we will find out which of the musicians prefers a game of poker at the table of an underground establishment and who prefers to spin the drums online.

Gambling music – playing for money

Every concert is a storm of emotions that overflows everyone involved. Not only are the guests in this euphoria, but the performers also pour out all their feelings, dissolving into gambling Ecstasy. All this is easy to transfer to the plane of betting on the money. The player sets the rhythm of the rotation of slots, and his applause is the sound of winning coins. Therefore, it is unsurprising that music creators in various genres love blowing off steam in casino halls and gambling sites.

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Everyone knows Lemmy Kilmister, the regular member and founder of the legendary Motorhead, was also an avid fan of gambling. The guitarist reached his popularity in 1980 with the release of the album Ace of Spades. Having passed a creative way from heavy metal to psychedelic rock, he became a true icon for millions of fans. But not many people know that besides music and driving parties, the author of immortal hits loved slot machines.

The 2010 biographical film Lemmy devoted much time to touring and musicians’ leisure time, including casino games. It’s said that every spare minute the artist had was dedicated to his passion if there was a one-armed bandit nearby. It wasn’t a question of searching for his fortune; it was a way for the musician to relieve stress and relax between concert programs. Winning money was an excellent addition, rather than a musician’s real goal.

Stories related to musicians making crazy bets at casinos are not uncommon. Gladys Knight, the American soul singer, had a great passion for card games and could spend all night in private clubs. This hobby allowed her to distract from her problems and have fun in the company of interesting people. However, Gladys went on her most gambling adventure on one such evening.

Having not found a familiar company for another poker game, the singer decided to try her luck at a new establishment with a doubtful reputation. Having sat at one table with experienced players, she did not calculate her strength and lost more than 60,000 dollars during the night. Now the winner of seven Grammy Awards looks back on those times with a smile and says it was a good lesson for her. Later she learned how to control her spending on virtual machines, balancing the risk with the chance to win.

Sully Erna, the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Godsmack, was also not disdainful about playing cards with high stakes. The casino-goer often allowed himself to take risks without thinking; in most cases, he got away with it quickly. However, one day the musician went to another private party, where he promptly found the company for a game of Poker. Nobody remembers what gambling music was playing there, but obviously, it was not a Sully Erna song.

Once at the poker table, Sully decided to gamble on the flop with four aces, but he was dealt a Royal Flash. It is unknown how high the stakes were, but the musician decided to document that night with a tattoo on his back in the shape of aces with the inscription No Justice.

The best music to listen to while gambling

Musicians play their tunes in their heads over a game of Poker, perhaps coming up with a new hit. We will take the liberty of suggesting music most suitable for gambling bets.

  • Relaxed and calm music that does not disturb your concentration on the game of cards. Classic motives or jazz notes will be a good help for the winning party.
  • But the video slots might be suitable for dynamic melody. Get into the rhythm of the rotation, and the winning combination can be light music, ambient, or a trance set.

You can win money on any song you want, no matter your style. To start playing for real money, try $1 deposit casino Australia, a place for connoisseurs of gambling for little money.

Using various selections, the best music to listen to while gambling from online casino users can discover new music, exciting and outside the hobby. As with virtual machines, there is room for experimentation, and you can always find something unusual. Of course, casino gambling music also plays in the video slots, but variety will not hurt if you spend a lot of time on one simulator.

Worth mentioning virtual machines with licensed music, where bets are made to popular hits of famous artists.

Official gambling music on themed video slots

Name of the slot Provider RTP The song
Ozzy Osbourne NetEnt 96,67% Bark at the Moon
Kiss WMS 95,94% Different songs
Jimi Hendrix NetEnt 96,9% Purple Haze


Having chosen a good tune and caught the mood, do not forget that gambling entertainment is available for persons over 21 years old. Confident victories come with experience; make bets based on analyzing a particular slot using all available information. More on modern video slots at https://www.netent.com, the new reality of iGaming.