School Board Election 2022: Renee Dial

Published 3:44 pm Monday, September 19, 2022

Renee Dial was appointed to Isle of Wight County’s School Board in 2021 and is running in a Nov. 8 special election against John “Mark” Wooster. The Smithfield Times asked each candidate to answer seven questions. Wooster’s responses are published here.

1. Can you briefly summarize why you decided to run for office?

I have a vested interest in how well the school district performs. I have children that attend school in the county and I want to see every child thrive to reach their full potential. Isle of Wight County Schools have the potential to be the best sought after district to work in and attend in the state and I know I can create the change to make that happen. 

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2. What should the School Board’s top priority be right now?

  • Policy changes – addressing benefits, payouts, transparency, professionalism, and accountability. 
  • Achievement gap – teach skill sets that can be applied to be successful with any and all testing as well as life. 
  • Teacher shortages/diversity amongst educators by helping future educators pass their Praxis/VCLA tests. Offer classes/tutors to provide support.  Reach out to local universities and colleges in the area as well as retirees! 
  • Supporting teachers  – address pay/benefits. Support mental well-being. Coffee and conversation, mental spa days/relaxation, words of encouragement and activities to get them through the day. 
  • Safety – SROs in all nine schools and installing vestibules. Supporting our existing safety partners and programs we already having in place. Expansion where needed. 
  • Increasing standards – back to the basics including life readiness skills supplementing independent learning and STEM. 
  • Expanding CTE programs to elementary and middle school. Grow the CTE program! 

3. Is Isle of Wight County Schools doing enough to keep students safe from shootings? What additional security measures would you like to see?

SROs and vestibules are a start! Then we can work with the Superintendent and his staff along with the community, local law enforcement and safety stakeholders to incorporate other safety measures they see fit.

4. Are Isle of Wight’s supervisors right in delaying their vote on whether the school system can keep over $600,000 in unspent funds from the 2021-22 school year, or are their calls for accountability looking for problems where none exist?

 I believe these questions are divisive and I like to build. 

5. Should departing school superintendents be compensated more generously for unused paid leave than other retiring school employees?

 I believe these questions are divisive and I like to build. 

6. Should students have access to information on sexuality and race relations via school-purchased library books and electronic devices?

 I believe these questions are divisive and I like to build. 

7. Are unisex bathrooms in schools a good idea?

 I believe these questions are divisive and I like to build.