Top 8 NFL Teams to Bet on This Season

Published 8:46 am Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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The NFL marketplace has emerged as one of the most prevalent niche markets in sports gambling, attracting both professional and novice bettors. Many football fans and savvy bettors believe that calculated futures betting is a better investment opportunity than the stock market.

And as the NFL season has officially begun, bettors have limited time to prepare their funds for season-long wagers. So here is a detailed look at the top eight best NFL teams to bet on in 2022.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have become a pillar of consistency in an AFC that has seen virtually every other roster undergo significant change. Jamison Crowder joins a receiver corps that includes All-Pro Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis, rookie James Cook appears to be the ideal addition to a backfield in need of a boost, and edge rusher Von Miller adds veteran leadership to an already solid defense.

Also, screw 12 wins in 17 games as the Buffalo team can easily tear its franchise record and achieve 14 wins. So for the NFL bets on Buffalo Bills, their best bet is over 11.5 or -140 for season 2022.

Dallas Cowboys

For the 2022 season, Dallas has the most straightforward strength of schedule in the NFL, with its opponents having a combined 2021 overall record of just 0.462. Furthermore, Tony Pollard has emerged as the ideal backfield partner for Ezekiel Elliott.

And Trevon Diggs’ pick-drill training course and the superstar status of 2021 rookie linebacker Micah Parsons managed to help the whole Cowboys defensive line go from terrible to incredible in one short timespan.

Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray has shown moments of brilliance all through his young career, but the notions of his health, pocket security, and full-season consistency continue to haunt the QB. The suspension of star wideout DeAndre Hopkins and the departure of running back Chase Edmonds to Miami will not help matters, nor will the reality that the Cards get the second-hardest power of the season’s schedule.

And for Kliff Kingsbury, who has a history of controversial decisions, it may either make his year great or turn for worse. As a result, the best bet for the Arizona Cardinals should be under 8.5 or -110.

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have just lost franchise quarterback and potential Hall of Famer Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts. Furthermore, Calvin Ridley is still suspended for game betting, leaving seasoned quarterback Marcus Mariota with a wide range of young pass-catchers.

Also, an abysmal offensive line play and an unstable secondary make the situation worse. As a result, under 5 or -145 is the best bet for the Atlanta Falcons.

Houston Texans

The Texans won four games last season despite the Deshaun Watson saga,  relying on Davis Mills after he started just 11 games in college. Moreover, Mills has shown promise and currently has 11 NFL starts under his belt, both Dameon Pierce and Nico Collins being early season standouts, and Brandin Cooks is a capable wide receiver.

They have a solid offensive line, a significant number of new draft picks, and QB Davis Mills was the league’s best rookie quarterback last year, aside from Mac Jones. The team’s future is looking good, and their own weak division may also help them win at least five games.

Baltimore Ravens

Last season, the Ravens were on the verge of capturing the AFC North when injuries wiped them out. Not only did the team lose Lamar Jackson late in the season, but they also lost a total of three running backs in the first 12 days of the season.

However, if all ends up going well medically, we expect the Ravens to bounce back on the field, beginning with three big AFC wins and continuing with a few more small consecutive wins all through the season. As a result, with the best bet of over 9.5 or -160, the Ravens have a strong chance of coming back in 2022.

Cleveland Browns

For bettors who are curious about Cleveland Browns’ best bet, their team’s best bet is under 8.5 or -155. The Cleveland Browns will begin the season with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback after Deshaun Watson was suspended for 11 games for having violated the league’s personal conduct guidelines. 

Besides, based on last year’s opponents’ wins, the Browns do not possess the most challenging strength of schedule, but being tied for 17th in the bracket may indeed entail they will confront some strong opponents. Also, with the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals in their division, they will struggle to win with the team they have.

Cincinnati Bengals

Since 2020 the Bengals and No. 1 pick and franchise QB Joe Burrow lost Super Bowl LVI by a field goal, the positives outnumber the negatives. However, they have three new players on the offensive line, which was among the league’s worst last season.

Consequently, with the continued development of 1,000-yard receiver Tee Higgins and second-year wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, thus allowing Burrow to spring up as an MVP candidate, the Bengals could win their second AFC North title in a row.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the list of NFL teams to bet on will help you decide which squad can guarantee you to win. Also, remember that it is critical to conduct thorough research before placing bets, so don’t bet hastily.