Letter – Wooster is best for School Board

Published 6:15 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I recently attended the Isle of Wight County School Board Candidate Forum held at the Smithfield Center. The differences between the candidates are stark. Renee Dial, the current unelected representative of District 2, is running against Mark Wooster.

Dial had no concrete plan to address the learning deficits that stem from the pandemic. Dial dismissed concerns about software currently installed on school-provided iPads.

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Dial stated she’d like to offer Career and Technical Education in elementary and middle school. CTE training without firm foundations in reading, writing and basic math is meaningless.

Dial’s focus is on facilitating every project recommended by the Administration. Dial repeatedly spoke of her success and expertise but showed very little empathy for her constituents.

In contrast, Mark Wooster was respectful. He did not profess to have all the answers but showed a willingness to find solutions.

Wooster was strong on discipline. He displayed an understanding of his fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Isle of Wight County. Wooster demonstrated an understanding of the role of School Board member to represent the concerns and values of District 2. His training as a first responder will be an asset to IWCS as security measures are being weighed and considered.

The next School Board for Isle of Wight County Schools will act as a “door keeper” to what this community will allow to influence our children. There is a determined effort by Marxists in education, government and business to divide us as a people, to separate us from our shared history, to demoralize the conscience of the nation.

Last week, the Youngkin administration provided its Transgender Model Policy for 2022. It upholds the rights of all students (protected in both the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions) and  “supports” parental rights. However, a community professing care for children would not participate in the confusion of those displaying gender dysphoria.

Youngkin’s policy is an attempt to placate his base without facilitating change. It’s a display of “tolerance,” which is nothing more than gift-wrapped cruelty. Fostering someone’s confusion is wrong.

The first governmental line of defense in protecting our values is our School Board. We know how Renee Dial will serve. We’ve watched as she’s turned a deaf ear to parents’ concerns. If the citizens of District 2 want representation, accountability, transparency leadership, vote Mark Wooster like our schools depend on it!


Laura Fletcher