Letter – Lay off the Kooimans

Published 5:22 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I almost hyperventilate every time I see an article about the Kooiman apartment project on Sugar Hill Road. They are small-business owners (live just down the road off Cedar Grove Road) trying to bring another business/apartment complex into Isle of Wight, which the Board of Supervisors did approve.

In my opinion the Kooimans have been treated like someone trying to bring in a seedy motel with a tattoo parlor and motorcycle gang. With all the Kooimans’ money going out and none coming in, the Kooimans should be applauded for building throughout a pandemic, when prices are twice, maybe sometimes three times the cost for building supplies, and giving people jobs.

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As for the demand for additional tree screening, The Smithfield Times needs to have a picture of the side of the building facing Carrollton Meadows that has no windows facing Carrollton Meadows. Also, there’s already trees and a fence between the Kooimans and their neighbors. How much privacy does Carrollton Meadows need?

Wouldn’t the apartment complex be nice if one of the mothers of a Carrollton Meadows residence wanted to downsize and move close to their child? But wait, this apartment complex is only allowed to have 19 parking spaces for 12 apartments. Unless you have half a car you might not b able to pick up your mother to take her out to lunch because you can’t find a parking space. But maybe Carrollton Meadows would rather have had an all-night 7-Eleven store.

I’m sure the Carrollton Meadows folks are nice folks, but their neighbors, the Kooimans, are also nice folks. Sugar Hill neighbors accepted those who live in Carrollton Meadows. Maybe Carrollton Meadows should do the same for their new neighbors, the Kooimans.


Jo Ann Finderson