Letter – Democrats have caused a mess 

Published 7:14 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I am optimistic that the American public is finally realizing the devastating damage that the Democrats have done to this country in the last two years. But for those who may not pay attention to politics, let me provide some highlights of their accomplishments.

  1. An energy policy that has made us dependent on foreign oil again and raised gas prices to their highest level ever. Depleting our petroleum oil reserve that is meant for time of war or natural disasters to keep gas prices down before Election Day.
  1. Economic policies that have caused the worst inflation in 40 years. High interest rates and a stock market that is down 20%, affecting everyone’s retirement plans.
  1. Foreign policy that caused the disastrous pull-out in Afghanistan, killing 13 servicemen and stranding untold numbers of Americans and allies behind enemy lines. Emboldening Russia to invade Ukraine, bringing us close to nuclear war, and allowing China to think about taking over Taiwan.
  1. An open border that has allowed enough illegal immigrants into this country to replace the population of Newport News, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Plus enough drugs to kill everyone in the United States. All while strengthening and enriching the Mexican cartels and promoting human trafficking.
  1. Promoting policies that have allowed crime to surge in this country.

The Republicans don’t always get it right, but three years ago gas was $1.89 vs. $3.49; inflation was under 2% vs. 8%; interest rates were below 3% vs 7%; the stock market was at an all-time high; unemployment was at an all-time low. We had good relations in the Middle East, and Russia, China, North Korea and Iran were all restrained. The border was on the way to becoming secure and we had the rule of law that was still respected.

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Fortunately next week we have a chance to change the direction we are headed by removing the politicians who have created this current mess. Please vote Republican on Nov. 8.


Keith Armstrong