Letter – He’s not fooled by Luria, Dems

Published 7:16 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Elaine Luria would have you believe she is a bipartisan legislator and not a vital organ of failed Democratic governance. Does she take you for a fool?

Proud of reducing the deficit on the back of big business during recession, Elaine? Under Luria/Democrat governance, the federal corporate tax collection as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) has risen to a 20-year average high.

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Here’s the net effect of Luria/Democrats’ devastating “pay fair share” fiscal ignorance during recession: Gross domestic product (GDP) trending massively negative for the entirety of 2022. Steadily declining volume of American-made goods and services now chased by obscene levels of newly minted Democratic dollars. The end result? Crushingly high gas prices, grocery prices and runaway inflation. Luria did that.

Luria proudly exalts adding billions to the defense budget. Luria forced the Navy against its better judgment to spend billions on ships that it does not want nor need. Is she smarter and more informed about naval combat needs than the Department of the Navy? Special interest-owned Architect of Inflation.

Luria claims she “fights for us.” Was she non-volunteered to serve on the sham Jan. 6 committee? She’s not blind to the fact that incredibly (and I believe without precedent) Democratic leadership refused to allow the opposition to seat their own chosen committee members. Has partisan politics ever been more clearly displayed? Did she take the honorable path and resign from the uber-partisan charade? No. Is this how you “fight for us,” Elaine? Lead Actress, Pelosi’s Partisan Political Theater Group.

Federal whistleblowers in volume are publicly decrying Democrats’ weaponization of intelligence agencies and the judiciary (most notably the FBI) against political opponents. Why is this not a top Luria/Democratic investigative focus? America will survive recession but not a federal government employing illegal banana republic tactics against political opposition. Congresswoman, you and your Democratic Party’s ends do not justify your means.

Elaine Luria does not deserve your vote.


Mark D’Etcheverry