Letter – Vote for Kiggans, Wooster, Maresh

Published 7:17 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I find it interesting that in the letter written by the chairman of the county’s Democratic Party in support of congressional candidate Elaine Luria (“He backs Luria for Congress,” Sept. 12), the only accomplishment that he could claim on her behalf was that she helped add money to an underfunded defense budget that is still underfunded.

He could not find any accomplishments related to the economy or making the life of middle-class working citizens better, because she has done the opposite. The votes of Elaine Luria are destroying the middle class. She voted for several bills that dumped trillions of dollars in borrowed money into the economy when independent experts were saying it would cause inflation.

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So what are the accomplishments of Elaine Luria and the Democratic Party? Forty-year-high inflation, interest rates higher than they have been in decades, fuel prices (due to shutting down domestic production) at record highs, electric bills that will continue to go up as a result of Green New Deal idiocy, savings accounts dropping in value, laws that handcuff law enforcement and give criminals the right to victimize citizens, opening of the borders to allow anyone to enter the country, and allowing our cities to become cesspools that are so dangerous police officers leave them in droves.

If you want any chance of this insanity being corrected before the country is completely destroyed, vote for Republican Jen Kiggans or suffer more and worse of the same left-wing craziness.

As far as the two extremely critical School Board elections, it’s a clear choice. If you want children indoctrinated instead of educated, want them to continue to be socially engineered with far-left policies instead of taught academics, like them being taught that the abnormal is normal, then vote for the members currently serving. If you want children taught the academics and decency that will help them in their futures, vote for Mark Wooster and Jason Maresh.


Volpe Boykin