Letter – Wooster best for School Board

Published 7:21 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I encourage everyone in District 2 (Newport) to vote for J. Mark Wooster. His opponent stated multiple times at their recent forum that “Isle of Wight is an affluent county,” so we can afford to give the schools whatever they want?

Isn’t that the typical Democratic response? Tax everyone more! Just keep handing money over to a feckless board who isn’t concerned in the least with how any of the money is being spent.

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His opponent has never questioned spending, except when it came to giving teachers mental health days by increasing staff/student holidays last school year. She cast the only “no” vote. His opponent also cast the only “no” vote to give parental choice regarding masks in school, voted against removing divisive content from devices in direct opposition to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order, and recently voted against forming a Threat and Vulnerability assessment committee to keep our schools safe and secure.

Wooster’s opponent also stated at the forum she thinks schools should visit the homes of kids who have behavioral issues in school to see what’s going on behind their closed doors. Really? Do you really want school administrators telling parents how they should be raising their kids in their own home, telling you how bad of a parent you are?

J. Mark Wooster believes parents know what’s best for their kids, that our schools should be more fiscally responsible with our tax money, believes every child should have equal opportunities, not outcomes, and kids should use the bathroom that matches their sex assigned at birth.

Common sense says vote for conservative J. Mark Wooster on Nov. 8.


Jennifer Boykin