Students from Nottingham Trent University Make Clothing for the Homeless

Published 12:45 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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People who have no homes experience the cruelty of Mother Nature. Even those who are more fortunate cannot help but feel sorry for them. It’s especially difficult to see their conditions during the cold winter months. 

One way to help is to find clothes for the homeless. Even in the smallest ways, there are some practical things to do to make a difference. The students from Nottingham Trent University used their talents to help the homeless. This shows that even students can do something impactful.

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Helping the homeless 

The students of Nottingham Trent University have created designs in partnership with Emmanuel House. The Nottingham homeless charity and the school create warm and sustainable clothes for homeless people. The students of fashion design have spent months designing clothes. They spent plenty of time thinking carefully about the designs. They also use materials that are 80% upcycled. 

They made sure that the clothes were all tailored as sustainable, warm, and suitable for those without homes. They also made sure that the clothes still had character.

Learn more about homelessness 

Homelessness is still a prominent problem in the US and the rest of the world. As a student, reading general essays on homelessness on GradesFixer is a great way to stay informed on this issue. Free essay examples could inspire you to help the homeless. You can even write your own research paper about this topic after reading examples of essays. With enough knowledge, talking to others about homelessness becomes easier. Then you can convince others to help out too.

Why it’s important for students to study homelessness

Research is an important factor when learning more about homelessness. This process involves getting a basic statistical profile of the homeless. Surprisingly, this can be a difficult endeavor. It’s not just about thinking of clothing for homeless people. Researchers must read various resources or go online to find out more. But they also need to get in contact with those plagued by this social issue. 

It’s also important for students like you to learn more about homelessness. Aside from avoiding this issue, learning more about it gives you ideas on how to help those in need. 

How can students help the homeless 

The lifeline of many shelters and charitable organizations comes in the form of donations. These could either be groceries, clothing, or cash. If you would like to make a donation, there are certain things to do or consider.

First, you can ask the shelter what the people need. Also, consider the time of year. Donate appropriate clothing during warm and cold months. It’s also practical to donate items that people use every day. These include personal items like underwear, toiletries, and more. Helping the homeless can also come in the form of sharing your skills or talents. For instance, service providers can help out with plumbing, carpentry, accounting, medical care, child care, tutoring, and more.

How students from Nottingham Trent University are doing it 

Homeless Charity Nottingham and the fashion design students of Nottingham Trent University have joined forces to launch the #Emmanuel NTU project this year. It began in the latter part of February 2021. They have a virtual presentation of over 100 1st-year students. Now, the project is in its 3rd year. The school challenged its students to design clothes for rough sleepers in Nottingham. 

The materials to use for the clothes include second-hand textiles, clothes from the Emmanuel House in Hockey, and donations from family, friends, and local businesses. Each student in the clothing design team must consider overall aesthetics and functionality. They need to design and make outerwear clothes for homeless beneficiaries. The clothes could also go on sale in an Emmanuel House Charity Shop. 

Volunteering is a good idea too 

Shelters exist because there are many good souls who volunteer at them. These include people who welcome the homeless, offer counseling, serve meals, and more. No matter how small a shelter is, for the homeless, it’s a sanctuary. Shelters are places where they can rest, sleep, or find ways to fix their lives. Soup kitchens provide homeless and disadvantaged people with one of their basic needs – nourishing meals. 

Volunteers are at the forefront of soup kitchens. They can pick up donations, prepare meals, serve meals, and clean up afterward. Volunteering is a wonderful way to help. If you’re interested, contact your local mobile food program, soup kitchen, religious center, or shelter to learn more. 


Homelessness is one of the biggest social problems in the US. There are many reasons why this problem has grown through the years. Some reasons include financial crisis, neglect, abuse, substance abuse, and more. As a caring and concerned citizen, you can help these people in different ways. Some practical ways are to make donations, offer aid, and do volunteer work. Doing any of these makes a difference in the community for those who don’t have homes.