2022-23 Super Bowl: NFL MVP Odds & Best Bets 

Published 8:46 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Super Bowl Sunday determines the football world champions while also offering a chance for a player to enter the NFL legacy. The Most Valuable Player award is given for an exceptionally excellent performance. This implies that bettors can support both a team and a particular player.

Historically, in the last fifty-five Super Bowls, there were fifty-six MVPs. Out of these winners, around thirty-one quarterbacks have won the said award. With seven MVPs each, wide receivers and running backs are football’s second most popular positions. Also, ten MVPs have been given to players on the defensive side and one kicker. 

The NFL MVP race has dramatically changed since the NFL season is about to end. Apart from that, their NFL Super Bowl betting odds have been dynamic, and bettors need to find the best player to back on. While the NFL is on its Week 11 Playoffs, here are the leading players predicted to win the 2022-23 NFL MVP Award. 

Patrick Mahomes

The Bills’ season may reach their peak after Allen, and the Bills defeated Mahomes and his team at Arrowhead during Week 6. However, each team’s trajectory changed after Buffalo’s 24-20 victory. While the Chiefs have racked up three straight victories after Mahomes’ heroic acts on the field, the Bills are now 1-2.

There is still a chance for Hurts and Allen to make a comeback, or if Miami manages to get the top seed, Tagovailoa might win the MVP race. However, Mahomes is currently the best bet for the said award, and this may be your only opportunity to get bonus odds before he flees and retreats from the field.

Tua Tagovailoa

Tagovailoa maintained in his ascent to the MVP award, gratifying those who bet on him when he was at lower odds in the last two weeks. The Dolphins quarterback appears to be the only contender who can seriously compete with Mahomes for the title. His odds are currently tied for alongside Hurts and Allen.

Although some football fans dislike Tagovailoa, there is no doubt that he is one of the NFL’s most productive players this season. Without him, the Dolphins would not have defeated the Bills to take first place in the fiercely competitive AFC East. He was out for Miami’s 27-15 defeat with the Bengals, and the Dolphins went winless in the games he didn’t play in.

Josh Allen 

On Sunday, Allen and his team were only seconds away from defeating the Vikings in a comeback victory when the costly fumble by the Buffalo quarterback resulted in a surprise Minnesota touchdown.

Despite what happened, there are still favorable matchups coming up, including Buffalo’s encounter with the Browns, whom Tagovailoa recently destroyed. Due to Miami’s bye week and Mahomes’ difficult game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday night, Allen will have the chance to reenter the MVP conversation after two trying weeks.

Jalen Hurts 

On the road to Philadelphia’s unbeaten campaign, Hurts’ dream for MVP season comes hilarious. The Eagles fell to 8-1 and are only one game ahead of the New York Giants to become the first seed in the NFC East after the Commanders’ stunning 32-21 victory on Monday.

With this in mind, an undefeated season for the Eagles has made his candidacy for this year’s NFL award. Hurts’ odds of winning the MVP today can be viewed as competitive, especially given how Tagovailoa and Mahomes are performing.

Lamar Jackson 

The previous MVP winner himself is the underdog who definitely shouldn’t be one. Lamar  Jackson will once again be a top candidate if he manages to go the entire season without being injured.

Although Jackson won’t start throwing for 400 yards per game overnight, averaging 300 yards per game overall, both on the ground and in the air, will retain him in the running. 

Tom Brady 

Brady is one of the NFL players you should not miss out on considering for the NFL award. There isn’t much to argue with this one as  Brady has the opportunity to revive Julio Jones’ career despite the loss of Antonio Brown, and even though tight end Rob Gronkowski claims to be retired but has returned to playing. 

Brady and the Bucs shouldn’t have any issue taking the NFC South title and contending for a bye week during the opening round of the playoffs. Brady’s performance appears to be unchanged; thus, we should see figures that are comparable to those of his MVP candidate run from the previous season.

Final Thoughts 

The NFL MVP competition doesn’t really start to take shape until the end of the season, when the playoff starts to solidify. In the list above,   Patrick Mahomes, who is in charge of the highest-scoring offense in football, is a clear front-runner for the NFL MVP in 2022–23. With his team in the first place, Mahomes has a chance to surpass the NFL’s best passing yardage record. 

On the other hand, players sitting behind him also have stronger odds of winning the said award. Who do you think will win the 2022-23 NFL race? We’ll see!