How Much Does Kratom Cost? Know The 5 Factors Affecting Its Price.

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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You can buy Kratom online from a reputed online vendor. However, if you think about how much does kratom cost, with the increasing demand for Kratom, you might encounter a significant number of fraudulent vendors that overcharge Kratom products.

Therefore, you must be well aware of the average cost of Kratom powder, capsules, etc., and the factors affecting its price.

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The Cost Factors That Affect The Prices of Kratom

Generally speaking, the overall price of online Kratom mainly depends on multiple factors. Also, one of the most important things is that different online Kratom vendors charge differently. 

  • Origin

The origin of every strain is different. Not only that, the drying process is what makes them different from one another. Hence, the source of the Kratom also determines the cost of the Kratom.

  • Quality

People think that all high-quality Kratom will be expensive, but this is different. For example, a low-quality Kratom powder from a Kratom vendor that does not offer lab-tested results will still cost you around $8 per ounce.

However, if you wish to get high-quality Kratom, high potency, and good lab results, you might need to pay $15 per ounce.

  • Quantity

The amount of Kratom powder you will purchase significantly impacts the cost you pay. When you purchase Kratom online, several premium kratom brands offer discounts and coupons when you buy Kratom in bulk or larger quantities.

For instance, if you buy a one-ounce container of Kratom powder, you might need to pay between $6 and $12. But, if you need premium quality Kratom products in kilograms, the price will go up to $150.

  • Potency

Potency is also one of the primary factors determining the overall price of Kratom. When we purchase Kratom online, we always check which strain has the higher power to get maximum results. Then, after knowing the most potent Kratom, we always try to buy the most potent Kratom extract to get the desired effect.

So, with the increasing demand for higher potent powder Kratom, online vendors grab the opportunity to gain more. Therefore, they always charge the highest potent Kratom more than others. So, it does not matter if you buy a rare or easily accessible strain; you must pay at least 10% more when purchasing high-potency Kratom.

  • Availability

Several strains of Kratom are available on the market, from which you need to select one which further determines its price. Popular songs such as Green maeng da Kratom are much more reasonable than others. It is so because Maeng da Kratom powder is highly accessible.

Is It Safe To Buy Kratom Online?

Yes, it is safe to get Kratom online. But, before that, make sure to search on Google by typing ‘is Kratom legal in my locality?’ It is essential because the FDA has not approved Kratom as a herbal compound.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Kratom From Online Stores At The Best Prices

Kratom is considered to be a unique herb that so many people around the world accept. The most convenient way to purchase Kratom is online. But, the buying process is not easy because you need to check a few things before selecting an online vendor.


With the rapidly increasing demand for Kratom, scammers have also increased. Hence, it would help if you were very careful when buying Kratom. You can follow some methods to help you understand if the particular vendor is reliable.

You can read customer testimonials and online reviews to judge the vendor’s credibility. It is essential because only a reputed and trustworthy vendor can offer you fresh Kratom at affordable prices.

Availability Of Strains

It would help if you opted for online stores selling different strains. It is helpful because you will find the best Kratom you wish to have without much hassle. In addition, it signifies that the online vendor is genuine and has an excellent online reputation.

However, before picking one, you must check if the vendor offers premium-quality Kratom capsules, tincture, and powder.

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Shipping Process

You need to know if the particular vendor offers a hassle-free shipping process. For example, it is essential to note if the vendor provides a 2-3 days shipping option. Also, remember to check their return policy to avoid future consequences.

Final Thoughts

People prefer to purchase products online for multiple reasons like safety and potency. However, when you buy online, make sure to get the product from a reputed vendor to get the product at a reasonable price. Also, do not ever put your health at high risk by taking low-quality Kratom.