Essay Writer Guide for Content Makers: 5 Ways to Repurpose Content in 2023

Published 9:35 pm Thursday, January 19, 2023

EssayService Essay Writer Phil Collins Shares Tips for Repurposing Content Effectively in 2023

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Over 25 years ago, Bill Gates invented the famous phrase “Content is king” and predicted that content would become the web’s primary moneymaker as technological progress goes further. Decades after that, content indeed became one of the primary tools used by marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to spark engagement and generate revenue.

In 2023, content is still king. If you are a student blogger, it will help you grow your audience. If you are a business owner, it will help you build a brand and attract customers. Whatever your purpose is, you have to craft excellent content to make the most out of your online presence. What’s more, now you also need to repurpose your old content for the maximum benefit.

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Repurposing content has plenty of benefits. It drives more traffic and improves SEO. And most importantly, it keeps you relevant and up-to-date. The only question is, how do you repurpose your content in 2023?

In this article, a professional essay writer for hire from a top custom dissertation writing service for graduate and postgraduate students will tell you about the top five easiest ways to repurpose content. Let’s dive in!

  1. Add New Information

According to the professional essay writer online, the most widespread and straightforward way to revive and repurpose old content is to update it with new information.

Whatever the topic of your blog is, chances are that your niche is changing rapidly. Respectively, the tips, figures, stats, and other data in your old blogs become outdated rapidly too. In order to deliver added value to your audience, make it a rule to update old articles regularly to keep them up-to-date.

  1. Launch a Podcast

Podcasts are a growing trend in the marketing and business fields. According to statistics, there are over 460 million podcast listeners around the world. And their number is expected to surpass 500 million by 2024. Therefore, if there is the right time to repurpose your old content into podcasts, it’s now!

A professional essay writer claims that turning your blog posts into a podcast or a series of podcasts will let you expand your outreach and make your content even more accessible, relatable, and engaging to the audience. Therefore, be sure to try this trick.

  1. Get on Social Media

Some types of content seem to be not a good fit for social media due to their large volumes. For example, a white paper or a case study simply won’t fit into a single post on Instagram or Facebook. But there is a way to repurpose it for social media. When you have lengthy content with important and relevant data, you can give this data a graphic form and republish it on social media.

According to a content expert from a trusted essay writing service EssayService, graphically represented data provides readers with new visual experiences. At the same time, it helps you diversify your content in social media, establish credibility, and strengthen your brand’s image. If you would like to get professional help with this task, take advantage of this Essay Service promo code and get the best repurposed content.

  1. Switch to Video Content

During the last few years, video has been one of the prevalent types of content. According to studies, as many as 85% of web users enjoy video content and find it much more engaging than other types of content. In 2023, this trend will stay with us. Therefore, an expert writer online suggests content makers use this knowledge to their benefit.

You can turn your past blogs into short videos and post them on YouTube. This way, you will accomplish several goals. First, you will repurpose your old content. Secondly, you will expand your audience and start getting benefits from video marketing. And lastly, this trick will help you boost your audience’s engagement.

  1. Create a Case Study

Depending on your purpose, simply posting blog content might not be letting you achieve your goals. If you are an entrepreneur or professional looking to establish credibility, you should share long-form professional content as well. For example, case studies are great for establishing yourself as a credible expert.

If you have high-quality metrics, statistics, and other data related to the same topic and previously published on your website, you can repurpose all this content and turn it into case studies. Similarly, an expert writer suggests turning past case studies into blogs to revive the audience’s interest.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are running a personal or professional blog or a business website, the content you publish there will be one of the primary things that fuel your success and help you reach your target audience. Without any doubt, creating quality content is important. But what is also important is keeping it up-to-date and relevant as long as possible.

To achieve these goals, you must learn the art of content repurposing. With its help, you will be able to revive your content and make it bring you benefits in a long-term perspective. Luckily, now you know how to do it. Use the tips from a professional essay writer that we shared with you here to start repurposing your content like a pro!