Letter – ‘Grange’ adheres to original vision

Published 5:44 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

In response to the article of Jan. 11 (“‘Grange’ rezoning application filed”) and subsequent letters on the proposed mixed use development known as the Grange at 10Main, please note that, since inception, the purpose and vision for the Grange was:

  • To create a transformational project on the west end of Main Street that provides needed amenities to all citizens of Smithfield and Isle of Wight, with input from local officials, interested citizens and senior personnel at Smithfield Foods. The Town of Smithfield 2022 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Plan have been guiding documents for our application.
  • To develop a project that will consist of high-quality structures that are in keeping with existing historic buildings in downtown, with focus on modern day livability, walkability, food, entertainment, health and wellness.

Please note:

  • Sustainable Mixed Use Developments can range in density from 4.3 to 100 units per net acre. Our gross density is 5.24 du/acre (304 units/57 acres). Our town has a unique way of calculating density that subtracts our roadways and parking. We share this so you have a practical comparison
  • Common green space and recreational amenities for all citizens are important components to this project. We have allocated over 5 acres of well-landscaped green spaces and ponds throughout the project, which is 40% more than required by the PMUD.
  • Based upon feedback from key constituents, we are modifying the height of the proposed hotel fronting Main Street, reducing it from four stories to three stories, with a height of 42 feet.
  • We are requesting a height variance on two of four apartment buildings. These buildings will be positioned against a 70- to 80-foot-tall tree line that runs parallel to Route 10 bypass. The apartment homes are economically and environmentally vital to the overall project and provide important amenities — interior corridors and elevators — for older renters, single women and young professionals.
  • This project is exactly the type of growth envisioned in the comprehensive plan. It honors downtown, emphasizes and extends livability and walkability, and provides a permanent site for the Smithfield Farmers Market.

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We look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks and hope you support our plan for the future. The Grange at 10Main will be an important contributor to the tax base and the fabric of our community.


Joe Luter IV