Letter – Schools should stick to facts

Published 5:43 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Regarding the article in last week’s Times (“Students, teachers protest ban on ‘divisive’ content”), first let me say that one should be careful defining those who are “experts.”

Positions, employment and education certificates do not dictate/certify one as an expert. A person once told me that an expert is “EX = has been, and (s)pert = a drip under pressure.” Also, President Ronald Reagan stated, “Trust, but verify.”

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In my humble opinion, schools should teach facts and figures, languages, factual history, communication, trades, etc. And keep their opinions to themselves when teaching to young students. Theories written/developed by one or two “experts” and not proved/accepted by the body as a whole are just unproven opinions.

The school board in Isle of Wight County was for many years a “do as I say, do not as I do” board. At this early stage, it appears that the newly installed board is willing to listen to the people who elected them and act according to law, regulations, policy and the will of the citizens.

From the young students of today, our future leaders will emerge. It behooves us to guide them in sound practices, accepted knowledge, common sense, honesty and a driving desire to learn and put into practice the same.


Ray Baxter