Letter – More secure schools needed

Published 6:05 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Regarding the article in last week’s Times (“School security priority in capital plan”), first, let me say I believe that schools in the district should provide a safe environment for our children. 

The future is these children. It is up to the older generation to provide a “safe environment.” Many children in the lower-poverty districts are already scared, and school is their “safe place”. How can school for the lower-poverty children be a safe place? A school is no longer a safe place for educators or students. It is time for the government to put its foot down and do something. How many more lives must be lost? 

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According to the article, the Isle Wight County School Board is planning on providing additional security, but I do not see how this will work. The reason I don’t believe this plan will work is that it is not working now. I think that once a student is dropped off at the school via a bus or by a parent, no one enters the building during the school day. If a student is sick or injured, it is up to the school to provide care. That is why there is a “school nurse.” If a student needs medical attention, a dedicated staff member should take the student to urgent care or the emergency room. 

Also, if a parent wants to take a student out for any given reason, the student should be placed on a Zoom lesson. Schools also need to stop allowing book bags of any kind. We also need metal detectors in the schools, and they should be used. If the metal detectors are not used, the county should fine that school for failing to keep students safe.


Heather Long