Letter – Vote way you said you would

Published 6:04 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I would like to clarify a statement made in a letter to this publication and one made at the Jan. 12 Isle of Wight County School Board meeting. 

I was not named, but the public needs to know how liberals have no problem twisting facts. For the facts, a video of this meeting can be viewed on the School Board website. After I spoke, an obviously liberal teacher, in his comments, referred to me as “threatening the School Board.” An individual stated in this publication (“Board should listen to teachers,” Jan. 18) that I tried to tell the School Board what to do. 

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The fact is, in my comments to the board members, I stated that they ran for office and made promises to the constituents who voted for them, that they were elected as a direct result of those promises, and that it was their duty to live up to what they promised they would do if elected. I know that is a foreign concept to many, and that liberals consider it a threat, but to me it is in fact every elected official’s duty. If you say you will do one thing to get elected and then do another, you have no business running for public office. I was taught to be honest, win or lose. 

We must protect the children from what Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Earl-Sears called on national television “rogue educators and teachers unions trying to remake education.— those who have made the decision that they are going to remake education in their own image and are using our children to do it.” Yes, it’s sad to say we do have a few of that type teacher in our schools. 

By all means, stand by the good teachers, but not all of any large group are good. The rogue liberal ones who want to indoctrinate instead of educate need to go.


Volpe Boykin