5 Denver Based Activities For Sustainable Travellers

Published 8:16 am Friday, February 3, 2023

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Welcome to the Mile High City, bursting with microbreweries, multicolored trees and an abundance of flannel based clothing, all set amongst its rocky mountain skyline, perfect for capturing that glorious sunset you’ve been promised.

Denver is the heart of Colorado. As a capital that is known for being passionate about its beer, stunning hike trails and its fast developing city center, sustainability is also on the list for both Denver locals and those traveling from afar.

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So whether you’re simply passing through on a one-stop tour of Colorado’s prime drinking spots, or thrill-seeking some of the city’s most insta-worthy mountainous spots, why not check out Denver’s most sustainable sights that are quickly becoming popular across the globe.

Is Denver Becoming The New ‘Green’ Capital?

In fact, from the get-go, Denver travelers are continuing to contribute towards sustainability. With one of the greenest airports in the country, enjoy touching down on a runway finished off with a two-megawatt solar power system and an airport that is striving to go green as they continue to replace energy-consuming tech with quick cooling LCD screens.

Whether you’ve already rushed to book your ticket or are a local browsing for something new to get involved in, here are our 5 sustainable Denver dream spots, perfect for making some eco-friendly travel memories.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

(Source: DMNS)

From their environmental cleanup projects to their abundance of eco-friendly research centers paving the way for a sustainable future, Denver is quickly becoming one of the hotspots for a ‘green’ learning vacation.

One of the prime spots to visit for an extra addition of environmental history is the city’s Museum of Nature and Science. With a number of exhibits about the future of Denver’s renewable energy sources to immersive tours on the future of Earth’s climate change epidemic, The Nature and Science museum offers eco-friendly tours for all ages.

Better still, this fascinating arena of all things sustainable also provides exhibitions aimed at travelers from outside of the city, high tech IMAX films, walking tours and the world’s most advanced digital planetarium. So be prepared to don your new Nike activewear shades, or wear a comfy coat and explore the gems of Colorado on your terms. 

Root Down

(Source: Root Down)

If you’re looking for somewhere sustainable to sit down and eat, look no further. Root Down is quickly becoming the star of one of Denver’s most loved neighborhoods. Once a gas station, now converted into a modern-day American Restaurant, Root Down doesn’t just provide those rustic aesthetics destines for your Instagram page, but also a rustic and organic approach to their menu, that is sourced wholly from local and ethical sources.

In fact, this veggie-based dining experience couldn’t be more close to home, as the owners grow their own produce in their own urban garden surrounding the restaurant. Prioritizing recycling and composting waste is a priority for Root Down, so if you’re looking for a meal out with a sustainable twist, head down to take a bite out of one of the juiciest burgers in town.

The Rocky Mountain Environmental Cleanup

(Source: Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge)

For those of you looking to get stuck into some real sustainable action and see how Denver is striving to make a difference on your travels, it’s time to visit the city’s famous environmental cleanup programme at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge.

Located just 11 miles out of the city, this fantastic environmental restoration program has created one of the largest urban wildlife refuges that the US has ever seen. In the wake of 2004, after over 5,000 acres of land was donated to the fish and wildlife service from the U.S. Army, great works have gone ahead to create a new natural ecosystem bursting with life and paving the way for Denver’s sustainable future.

Visitors are able to see the beauty for themselves as new opportunities to view the site post-Covid include nature programmes, walking tours and guided viewing tours of the throwing fish and wildlife. This is a sustainable day out that is not to be missed if you’ve traveled in from afar.

The Queen Anne Urban Bed & Breakfast

(Source: The Queen Anne Urban Bed & Breakfast)

If you’re looking for somewhere sustainable to stay, on your eco-friendly expedition of all things Denver, The Queen Anne Urban Bed & Breakfast offers a luxury stay with a green twist.

After opening its doors to the public in 1987, the local B&B has become the talk of the town for eco-friendly travelers, thanks to their dedication to the local community and environmental advocacy. In fact, every detail from the home-cooked food to the bedroom art pays homage to Denver’s diverse local community.  

With an eco-friendly design, locally sourced goods and a plan to become zero waste, this family-run B&B is a gem for sustainable travelers post-Covid.

The Denver Central Market

(Source: Denver Central Market)

Last but certainly not least, for those of you itching to get into the center of the city for a culture burst and a dazzling high street of sustainable collectives, Denver Central Market is not to be missed. 

If you’re looking to get a true taste of the city’s culture and pay homage to local businesses and small food startups, this market is a great place to start. Composed of 11 local food stalls all built on ethical ingredients, try a number of cuisines either within the market’s energetic atmosphere or take out and sit in Mestizo-Curtis Park, just a stone’s throw away.