Six Reasons to Choose Los Angeles as Your Next Travel Destination

Published 8:01 am Friday, February 3, 2023

people sitting on chairs near palm trees during night time

Photo from Jake Blucker

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Want to go on a trip but not sure where to make your next destination? Try giving Los Angeles a visit. Even if it’s close to where you live, it’s so different from other areas along the West Coast that you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new part of the world. 

There’s plenty to do as well. Whether you like the ocean and soaking up the sun, or wild nightlife, you will find something to entertain you during your visit. 

The Beaches

Of course, everyone knows about the stunning California beaches. They’re full of waves, sun, and relaxing atmosphere. Each beach is a little different and full of its own personality, so you can try them all and never feel like you’re doing the same thing every time. 

Venice Beach is likely the one most known by tourists. Not only is the beach itself an ideal spot to hang out and spend time during the summer months, but the nearby areas have all sorts of attractions. You can find bodybuilders, street performers, shops, galleries, and food stalls, so you never have to walk far from the sound of the waves or the smell of the ocean to get everything you need. 

There is also Santa Monica, which is a little more relaxed, though still popular. It offers shopping as well. If you want something a little less crowded, check out Manhattan Beach or Malibu Beach. There are over 70 miles of coastline just in Los Angeles County, so you have plenty of areas to choose from. If you don’t mind a short trip, Orange County has some amazing beaches, and it’s likely a lot less crowded.

Perfect Weather

California, especially on the southern coast, is often described as having perfect weather. It’s a sunny state with warm, gentle breezes that maintain good temperatures, whether it’s winter or summer. According to statistics, Los Angeles gets more than 300 days of sun a year, and the average high is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the lows aren’t bad, often staying between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  

If you’re worried about getting hot at night, you can rest easy. The city often cools down when the sun goes down, leaving you with an ideal temperature to get you to sleep. 


Going from downtown LA to Hollywood takes about 15 minutes via bus or subway, so if you get tired of the downtown scene, look at moving around a bit. Hollywood has all sorts of places to check out, even if you’re not a fan of movies and shows. 

There is, of course, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign, but there’s also shopping, theater, places to eat, amusement parks, magic shows, and music filling the buildings and streets. 

Amazing Food

Many restaurants make up the must-visit locations in Los Angeles. There is a mix of everything, including food from vastly different cultures, fancy and fine dining, trendy eateries, street food, casual dining, vegan options, and so much more. Whatever you’re craving or whatever kind of food you may want to try, there’s a good chance LA will have it for you. 

You can find food in your price range or splurge for a nice dinner. There are even big dessert companies. For example, there’s a Sprinkles Cupcakes located in Beverly Hills. But don’t worry, if you want a sweet treat after hours, they even have an ATM that provides cupcakes when the store is closed. 

Learning Experiences

Whether you enjoy learning about science, art, history, or architecture, you will find something new to learn about in Los Angeles. Spend a few days driving around and exploring all the unique buildings, and learning as much as you can. 

You can easily see some of the amazing architecture around the city just by walking around. You can check pretty much any area, including downtown and Koreatown. Even Broadway has beautiful buildings full of mid-century architecture. Some famous architects worked on buildings that are just being used for any purpose nowadays, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra.

Los Angeles has the most museums of any city in America and features some amazing museums like the Natural History Museum, the California Science Center, the Getty Center, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. There are also tours to take you around town and show you more than you might have seen on your own. 

As for art, there are some world-class art museums, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Broad, and MOCA. There are also small galleries, live shows, and plenty of street art.  

If you don’t want to rent a car just for one day of exploring, look at getting a car service LAX. They can drive any number of people from destination to destination, and you don’t have to share a ride with complete strangers. 

Party Central

Los Angeles is often referred to as the Entertainment Capital of the World due to its never-ending nightlife. There are always drinks to be had and clubs to visit. Even if you spent a week partying like mad, you would still leave with many areas of the city unexplored. 

There’s the loud and party-heavy nightlife in Downtown LA, while Hollywood is full of fancy and glamor-heavy parties. There are shows, concerts, drinks, and everything else you can imagine. Mixologists dominate several of the bars, creating unique drinks that you won’t get anywhere else, like at Walker Inn, Las Perlas, and the Varnish.