Letters – Hidden dangers for youngsters

Published 5:16 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

According to the article in The Smithfield Times on Feb. 8 (“Surry schools adopt ‘sexually explicit’ policy), school boards are now mandated by law passed in the 2022 General Assembly to adopt a sexually explicit policy that is consistent with model policies of the Virginia Department of Education. 

Such an authoritative command leaves the school board with no alternatives but to adopt a policy pertaining to sexually explicit materials, which are extremely heavy for young minds.

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A valid question parents need an answer to: Will the teaching of sexually explicit materials be from a biblical perspective, or will the teaching of these materials be from an academic secularism point of view? I think we all have the answer to such a question, but it would be commendable if stated publicly the basis of teaching sexually explicit materials.

To teach what the law defines as sexually explicit from a non-biblical perspective is to introduce young minds into an unholy, perverted distortion of sex. Thus, sitting under such teachings, young minds may be easily enticed sexually to try what they are learning to find out how it feels.

A minister I greatly appreciate who has a close walk with the Lord and a deep understanding of how Satan and demons can take control of a person’s life is Mel Bond, pastor of Agape Church in Wentzville Missouri. Recently, I ordered Mel’s booklet entitled “Defeating Satan’s Strongholds,” which explores how Satan can gain entrance into a person’s life by first planting an unholy thought in the mind. That is why we are to take on the helmet of salvation to reject and repel instantly the satanic thoughts he seeks to place in our thinking.

Mel Bond wrote in Chapter 2 of his booklet that II Corinthians 2:11 teaches us how powerful Satan’s thoughts are if we allow them to linger in our minds: “If we accept the thoughts, a more powerful demon comes into our life called demonic imagination. When we allow imaginations from the devil to stay in our minds, it opens a doorway into our lives for a much worse demon.”

When young minds are taken into Satan’s territory, they are where they do not belong, for Satan and demons can take advantage of them. 

As Bond wrote, “a person first thinks of sin, then they imagine it, then they image it, then they do it.” 


The Rev. Russell Leonard