How to Start an Essay with a Quote?

Published 9:32 pm Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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All students ought to write tons of essays while they study at school and if they continue learning in college or university. This is a compulsory demand which develops various skills and abilities in learners. Every essay type has a unique purpose that can teach you something special. Of course, students aren’t always brilliant with those essays. For example, many of them try to write catchy introductions. The main point of every introduction is to set the attention grabber that will kindle the desire to read the rest of the text. One of the most effective ways to reach that aim is the starting essay with quote.

It’s not that easy to do. If you plan to study in another country, meet top best scholarships for studying abroad. You surely know that it’s quite normal to read essays with quotes in the main body. If beginning an essay with a quote, you may face more problems. For example, you do not have space and time to lead your readers to the quote you want to insert. There is no chance to do that because there are no sentences before. You start right with a quote. Luckily, we can help you. There are several crucial points you need to consider when starting a paper with a quote. 

It Must Be Linked to the Topic

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First of all, any essay starting with a quote MUST be logically linked to the main question you study in your paper. You just cannot quote someone you like when your topic is different and has no relation to it. This is an obvious rule, but many students seem to ignore or forget about this obligation. Do not repeat their mistakes, and always use quotes that reflect the purpose of your paper. You cannot use a quote about technology when you write about arts (unless it has some relation).

Avoid Clichés

Secondly, you need to be sure that when you quote in an essay, you avoid stereotypical thinking and clichés. One of the main goals of a quote is to attract the attention of readers. That is why it is frequently used right at the beginning. Don’t waste the chance to remain original. If you focus on something boring and stereotypical, your reader will not be interested in what follows the quote.

Link It to Your Readers

When beginning a paper with a quote, you ought to be 100% sure that it is related to your readers and their aims. You need to predict the needs of your potential audience. The quote is supposed to be appealing to what they expect to see in your essay, as well as in the quote itself.

Explain It Afterward

Can I start an essay with a quote? Of course, you can. You should also keep in mind that not all quotes may be understood by some of your readers. Some quotes are vivid and uncommon. They may have some hidden symbolism. That is why your task is to explain them straight away in the next sentence.

Even if the quote is pretty simple, you still need to do that. You need to show the relation of the quote to the facts and thesis statement you will mention afterward.

Mention the Source

How to start essay with quote, and what else should be done? There is one more thing that is sometimes skipped or forgotten by students. They do not add the source of the quote. It’s a serious mistake that costs crucial grades. Always mention who said the quoted phrase.

The Bottom Line

How to begin an essay with a quote? We hope the tips and explanations we have provided above have answered this question pretty well. Use them to insert and start effectively. Thus, your readers will be surely interested in what comes next in your paper.

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