Letter – Tired of rude motorists

Published 5:20 pm Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Editor;  The Smithfield Times:

I need to address the improper practices of far too many motorists on our highways and roads.. This ticks me off good because I am a good driver aged 79 who just lost my husband in November and I never saw such horrid drivers on our roads in my life!  

Often I drive to my property on Carrollton Boulevard, and as I approach the ramp that you take to go to Smithfield, vehicle after vehicle come tearing by me in the left lane and suddenly jump in front of me to be “first” to turn off onto the ramp, nearly causing accidents or taking off the front of my car with their childish “got to be first” attitude. You think you are cute? Go have an accident away from me as I have an excellent driving record and want to keep it that way.

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Another thing they do is come flying up really close to the rear of my car, tearing around me into the left lane and flying by when all along the left lane was clear. Nearly crashing into me at a high rate of speed was unnecessary in the first place.  

I talk to many people about the crazies on the road and they agree with me. They shouldn’t be on the road at all, and who knows if they are high on drugs or just plain drunk? 

I couldn’t believe one driver on Route 10 the other day as I drove past the shopping center. He came speeding over the 45 mph limit and raced the length of the highway, jumping around cars from one lane to the other back and forth until he was out of sight heading towards Benn’s Church. Or one night while heading home here in Carrollton down Brewers Neck just past Benn’s Church finding some idiot coming at me on the wrong side of the highway and all the cars darting around to miss.

We need more cops on the job. No wonder the accident rate is high. 

                                                                                                                                                                Linda Gould Steffey