Differences Between Assignment Writing Services and ChatGPT

Published 8:48 am Monday, March 27, 2023

Description: The advancement of technology has both a negative and positive influence on students’ life. On the one hand, technology has made access to much more information sources for completing their assignments. Students even can use them to collect reliable and accurate information within seconds. On the other hand, many universities use various plagiarism-checking platforms to ensure that their students never cheat and that whatever they write is theirs. It is not a secret that students encounter many difficulties completing, especially a huge amount of writing assignments. Thus, sometimes they need help managing everything and may ask an assignment writing service or some AI tools for help. Recently, one of those AI tools called ChatGPT has gained much popularity. It allows generating of unique texts with the keywords provided for a specific topic. Since students are quite vulnerable and stressed, especially during exams, they may apply to ChatGPT to lessen the burden on their shoulders. We will try to answer whether it is a good idea or not in this short introduction. You may read more information on studyfy reviews.

Is Using ChatGPT Legitimate?

GPT chat is an artificial bot which is to generate unique texts. However, this invention is only partially free of limitations. First of all, the synthesis of information. Compared to assignment writing services, where humans work and can make reasonable decisions about whether the information is accurate, AI sometimes fails to do so. Artificial intelligence, despite its speed and sophistication, has limited skills. They operate thanks to the coding system, which cannot make AI so clever that it can compare, filter and use only reliable sources. This is different with humans, especially if the professionals are engaged in the work. They know how to ensure that their information is accurate and free of critical errors. Moreover, currently, there are many anti-plagiarism checking tools, and if your faculty finds out that you use any, you may even be expelled. 

Using ChatGPT and Plagiarism

When applying to an assignment writing service, you can be sure that they will provide you with text free of plagiarism and unique writing. They will use all the possible sources to make your writing accurate, make mistakes free, and simultaneously unique. Unfortunately, AI writing could be more trustworthy regarding plagiarism-checking reports regarding plagiarism-checking reports. Sometimes it fails to pass the plagiarism-checking tools. 22-year-old Princeton University student Edward Tian has created one such anti-plagiarism checking tool. The website is GPTZero, and it can catch any usage of ChatGPT. This proves that even students can create tools that can check AI plagiarism, making them quite easy to track. So, if you want to avoid being expelled from university for cheating, choosing other reliable ways to complete your assignments is recommended. If you need help handling them, writing services are a much better choice. 

Is Chat GPT Free to Use?

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In contrast to assignment writing help, ChatGPT is free to use for now. You can use it many times a day without paying anything. It is an openAI that allows you to create a text for a specific topic from scratch using the provided keywords. However, human writing help requires some money. The price of the depends on various factors. The first factor that may impact the price is the time limit. Sometimes students ask for help when there is little time, and the work is too much to complete within days. This puts pressure on writers which ones need to be paid more.

Another thing to consider is the volume. It is not a secret the more the writing is, the higher the price will be. However, this is quite reasonable, especially if the writer guarantees plagiarism-free writing. Finally, the expertise level also matters. People who are new and not so experienced in this field may charge less money, but the quality may suffer in this case. Applying to an assignment help service may help you avoid being expelled from the university. 

Flaws of ChatGPT

Compared to assignment writing help, using chat GPT has many potential drawbacks.  

  1. ChatGPT can provide wrong information. You will see this limitation directly mentioned on their website. It needs to use and adjust various sources while creating texts. Especially for serious writing assignments, trusting ChatGPT is not the best solution. 
  2. The writing style of ChatGPT is very formal. Humans write naturally and can balance formality and informality. However, ChatGPT is an AI that cannot use senses while writing anything. 
  3. Machine language. One distinctive feature of AI writing is its inability to sound natural. They need to use idioms and other features related to human writing. So, a professional writer, especially those familiar with the student’s writing style, may immediately catch the usage of AI. 
  4. Word limitation. ChatGPT can produce the text of not over 5000 words. This means that all the time, you need cannot use it for writing wordy assignments. 


Taking into account all the drawbacks of AI writing tools, it is quite evident that using them for professional writing is not recommended. They have more limitations and can make your writing less attractive and eye-catching. Moreover, it can be easily detected by some anti-plagiarism checking tools. Some universities may even expel their students for cheating. Thus, applying for assignment writing services is a much better option. You may get unique writing free of any errors and entirely plagiarism free.