Letter – She’s proud of School Board

Published 4:50 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Editor,The Smithfield Times:

I’m writing to applaud the Isle of Wight County School Board for their efforts to protect the children of the county. 

Understanding the times and correctly gauging the current direction of Education in the nation, board members Jason Maresh, Mark Wooster and John Collick have acted to slow the advance of the dangerous, destructive and corrosive properties of Critical Race Theory in Isle of Wight. For those who deny that Critical Race Theory is being taught in our schools, please refer to the School Board meeting dated March 9 on the IWCS YouTube account. Residents of this county must understand that there are those in education and throughout our government who hate America. They deny her goodness at every turn. They deny our remarkably beautiful, sometimes tumultuous, history, and in so doing, work to destroy her future.

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A solid group of parents have spent almost two years making the case for the existence of CRT in IWCS. They’ve committed many hours of personal time slogging through curriculum, investigating school-provided software and investing thousands of dollars in FOIA requests. CRT exists in our schools; its language is in the curriculum and the classroom. It may not be as advanced as in Chicago, New York and D.C., but make no mistake, Marxist theory is here, and without intervention, it will destroy the county, the commonwealth and the nation.

Find the March 9 meeting. Listen closely to how “our” educators speak of our nation’s history. They are unceasing in their advance of the lie that America is “systemically racist.” They are insistent that introducing fringe topics and glorifying perversion is necessary to prepare our youth for adulthood. Yet our youth are in peril, overwhelmed by depression, isolation and narcissism. We must act to save this generation and secure their purpose.

Our elected representatives on the School Board are sentinels empowered by our vote to guard the doorway into our classrooms. Derived from an Hebraic verb meaning to “lean forward” or “to peer into the distance,” I’m thankful for the sentinels on our School Board and the courage they’ve shown in tackling this present danger.


Laura Fletcher