Letter – Del. Brewer wins debate

Published 5:02 pm Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Thank you to The Smithfield Times/Tidewater News for organizing and Mr. Steve Stewart for moderating the excellent debate on April 13 between the Republican candidates (Del. Emily Brewer and Mr. Hermie Sadler) for the upcoming and very important 17th District state Senate race.

During this debate it became abundantly clear that Mr. Sadler is running to further his own personal self-interests. His priorities will be those that blatantly benefit his personal oil and truck stop businesses. 

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To “fix” schools, his plan is to send his wife and daughter out to each school and evaluate them. What? He believes that everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their property – regardless of how it impacts others. Total insanity! 

This Senate position is a full-time job requiring total commitment, and I question Mr. Sadler’s ability to do this in light of his numerous businesses. When asked to define his positions on issues, we only got the good ole’ boy song and dance “those that know me know what I stand for.” Sorry, but we don’t know you, Mr. Sadler. And I’m not convinced you could even find the bathrooms in our state Capitol, much less represent everyone in the 17th District.

Hands down, Del. Emily Brewer won this debate. She was professional, knowledgeable and articulate, and she understands how our state government works. Del. Brewer’s prior experience in the Virginia House is proof-positive she can and will be successful in representing everyone in our district and on all issues. 

She knows how to get funding for our infrastructure, police, schools, environment and social programs. She understands the need to grow our counties, without degrading our rural and farming character. She is conservative, not “extreme,” will have a huge appeal to moderates and independents – and will easily win the race for the Virginia Senate.

This debate made the choice crystal clear: Del. Emily Brewer is the best Republican Senate candidate to represent the 17th district. And, she will certainly be able to point Mr. Sadler in the right direction of the bathrooms, should he visit the Capitol in the future pushing his personal slot-machine legislation.


Patty Vaught