Letter – He’s for Brewer in Senate race

Published 6:10 pm Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Editor’s note: This letter was updated on April 27 to correct the date of the primary election.


Editor, The Smithfield Times:

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Once again, it is time for citizens to take action to ensure that a true Republican gets the nomination to the 17th District for state Senate.

Emily Brewer has been a Republican for many years and worked to get other Republicans, including President Donald Trump, elected long before she first became a candidate in 2017 for the 64th District of the state House. I endorsed her then and she has more than earned my endorsement to be the Republican nominee to the 17th District for state Senate.

Emily has served us well and worked very hard to ensure that we are well represented as she completes her sixth year of proven service to our 64th District in the state House. Six years of proven and successful service to the citizens! I don’t know of anyone else running for the nomination who has that kind of proven record.  

It is very easy to appear at big gatherings of supporters, flash a big smile, use a well-used list of “things I’m going to do,” and then go on about what a great job you are going to do. It is entirely another thing to have a proven record of service that includes considerable accomplishments, often in a politically difficult environment with the other party in the majority.

How hard is it to choose between someone with a proven record, with a reputation of simply outworking her opponents and other candidates who seem to be all hat and no cattle? I, as a proud Virginian, know this ain’t Texas, but we do know the difference between a proven workhorse and a bunch of hot air!

Please join me in honoring Emily Brewer with our votes not just for her but for our great state of Virginia on June 20.


Al Casteen